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[Nettime-nl] postdoc baan in amsterdam (nerdi)
geert lovink on Thu, 6 Mar 2003 14:19:05 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] postdoc baan in amsterdam (nerdi)

From: "Paul Wouters" <Paul.Wouters {AT} niwi.knaw.nl>



Internet and ICTs are radically changing the way in which academic research
is carried out. This is having far-reaching consequences on information and
communication processes in the sciences and humanities. The NIWI research
group Networked Research and Digital Information (Nerdi) has recently begun
a programme of research to chart these changes.  NIWI is an Institute of the
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) with a focus on
research and data-structure within the field of scientific communication and
information. Within the programme, a new project of one year has been
formulated to study the way researchers make use of the World Wide Web.

To pursue this postdoc project of one year, Nerdi is seeking

1  researcher (M/F)

Vacancy number PZ  024 (40 hours full-time  *1)

The successful applicant will be part of Nerdi's team that presently
consists of eight people. The project falls under the themes of
collaboration and research methods, as laid out in our research programme

Present team members are concentrating on:
* ethnographic research on the role of trust in data-sharing
* network analysis
* quantitative research on Web based scientific information
* modelling and simulating of innovation processes
* quality control in science and scholarship
* access to scientific information
* metaphors in scientific communication

The Project

The project will focus on an analysis of the role of the Web in scientific
research. It is part of a larger international collaboration on science and
the Web. The project has methodological as well as substantial dimensions.

Applicants should hold a PhD (or be awarded their PhD shortly) and be
available to start work in the short term. They should have research
experience in one (or more) of the dimensions of the project (study of
knowledge infrastructures , qualitative analysis of content of websites,
sociology of science and technology, science studies).

Job responsibilities

The researcher's main responsibility will be to pursue the project. She will
also be expected to take part in the intellectual life and general research
activities of Nerdi.

Education and experience

1. Demonstrable relevant research experience, attested by a PhD degree and
publications in peer reviewed journals.
2. An excellent knowledge of English, both oral and written.
3. Experience in qualitative, and affinity with quantitative methods of
4. Candidates should be able to work in a project-oriented manner, with a
measure of autonomy.

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Salary: The appointment will be made in scale 10 or 11 BBRA, with a maximum
full-time gross salary of 2884 euros per month
Starting date: 1 April 2003 or as soon as possible thereafter.

For further information about the project and this position, please contact:
Dr. Paul Wouters e-mail: paul.wouters {AT} niwi.knaw.nl

Please send applications, detailing your interest and suitability for this =
position, and a C.V., marked with vacancy number PZ  , before March 5, =
2003 to:

Personnel Department
PO Box 95110
1090 HC Amsterdam
the Netherlands

or by email to berna.van.agthoven {AT} niwi.knaw.nl

*1: The reduction in working hours ruling applies here. This ruling allows
some flexibility in working hours, in specific circumstances. NIWI is an
institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

Paul Wouters

Dr. P. F. Wouters
Programme Leader Networked Research and Digital Information (Nerdi)
The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
PO Box 95110
1090 HC Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T 3120 4628654
F 3120 6658013
paul.wouters {AT} niwi.knaw.nl

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