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[Nettime-nl] Workshop Open Source Multimedia Tools
Marieke Istha on Mon, 10 Mar 2003 10:49:01 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Workshop Open Source Multimedia Tools

Workshop Open Source Multimedia Tools
10 - 13 April 
Fee: euro 100,-
Scholarships available
Information and application: marloes {AT} montevideo.nl
Guests (subject to change): Günter Geiger, Andrey Savitsky, Iohannes  Zmölnig, Thomas Musil and Derek Holzer

This workshop will focus on Open Source software for the real-time manipulation of audio and video. The dual package of Pure Data and GEM, offer a complete set of tools for sound, multimedia and VJ purposes. Topics will include: real-time audio and video processing, creating a custom user-interface, using and creating external objects, an overview of other free and open source audio and video tools for Linux.

Discussion and presentation workshop
Sunday April 13
15.00 hours
Admission: free
A discussion on open source software versus commercial software, the artistic use of multimedia tools and the future of open source. After the discussion a short presentation of the workshop will take place.
Panel: Robert de Geus, Derek Holzer, Günter Geiger, Andrey Savitsky, Iohannes  Zmölnig, Thomas Musil

Application and information: marloes {AT} montevideo.nl <mailto:info {AT} montevideo.nl>

Marieke Istha

Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst
Montevideo/Time Based Arts
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