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[Nettime-nl] Legal Space / Public Space, conference, Brussels
matthew fuller on Tue, 18 Mar 2003 19:25:01 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Legal Space / Public Space, conference, Brussels

Etablissement d’en Face Projects, Brussels & the Piet Zwart Institute,


Legal Space / Public Space two conference days on March 21+23, 2003

Legal Space / Public Space investigates the rules and regulations
governing the public domain and explores strategies for use and
intervention. The project looks at artistic and architectural practices
that make use of the holes and gaps in the legal system to open up a
space of possibility beyond the determining regulations and
restrictions; and at interventionist which focus on the excessiveness of
planning and regulation of public spaces resulting in their
dysfunctionality as a ‘public’ sphere. Legal Space/Public Space is
developed from a multi-disciplinary perspective to raise questions about
the public domain, citizenship, civil disobedience and freedom. The
conferences are part of an ongoing research project.

conference programme

Friday March 21 Legal Space / Public Space

9.00-13.00 introduction: Eva Gonzalez Sancho, Etablissement d’en Face
freedom of expression and speech and its limitations: Katrien Van der
Perre, jurist public space: from centres to networks: Rudi Laermans,
sociologist urban paradigms: Lieven De Boeck, architect the pnac, the
road map to the new entropic imperial world order, and the consequences
for the transformation of public space: Lieven de Cauter, philosopher

13.00-13.45 break

13.45-17.00 regulations in public space: Anne Measschalk, lawyer civil
disobedience: useful or dangerous tool? Pierre-Arnaud Perrouty, legal
philosopher, lawyer, photographer the transgression of the regulation of
public space: Santiago Cirugeda, artist civil disobedience, ligitimate
impatience: Bénédicte Jacobs, researcher at the centre for political
theory of the University of Brussels

16.30-17.00 break

17.00-20.30 envisioning public space: El Perro, artists’ collective
super-production: Carole Schmit, architect designing public space, a
round table discussion with Lara Almarcegui, artist; Kai Dolata
(Urbikon), urbanist; Luc Deleu, architect; MA.AN, art & architecture
team; Benoit Moritz, architect/urbanist; Tristan Wibault, artist;
moderated by Wouter Davidts, architect

Sunday March 23 the instrumentalisation of the artist

10.00-13.00 desperately functional: Eva Gonzalez-Sancho dealing with
public space: how to consider the increasing responsibility of the
artist in public space? Antoni Muntadas, artist des petites grandes aux
grandes petites realisations et inversement:Nathalie Mertens, artist art
in public space: a collective search: Anne Pontégnie, art historian

13.15-14.00 break

14.00-18.00 the city as site: Johan Pas, art historian public space and
diversity: Setha M. Low, anthropologist, director of the public space
research group at CUNY question what you see / disturb what you make
(sweet theory of conflict): Marc Godts (FLC-Extended), architect public
space as a social and temporal good: Johan Moyersoen & Jim Segers
(Citymine(d)) the matrimonial bed and other public spaces: Ivo Provoost
& Sandra Denicolai, artists

18.00-18.30 break

18.30-20.00 the instrumentalisation of the artist in public space, a
round table discussion with Bik Van der Pol, artists; Wim Embrechts
(Recyclart); David Jamar (Centre de Recherche Urbaine); Katrien Laenen,
artistic coordinator of the Vlaams Bouwmeester; Kobe Matthys (Agency),
artist; moderated by Bénédicte Jacobs & Anke Bangma, Piet Zwart


location: Palais des Beaux-Arts/Paleis voor Schone Kunsten 10 rue
Royale/Koningsstraat Brussels

admission: ¤7,50 per day; ¤10,- for both days

for reservations & information: Etablissement d’en Face Projects
telephone +32-(0)2-219 44 51 e-mail ets_den_face {AT} skynet.be


Piet Zwart Institute postgraduate studies and research Willem de Kooning
Academy Hogeschool Rotterdam A.Bangma {AT} hro.nl

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