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[Nettime-nl] Panoramic Portraits by Manon de Boer
geert lovink on Sat, 5 Apr 2003 01:52:02 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Panoramic Portraits by Manon de Boer

SKOR (Foundation for Art and Public Space, Amsterdam, Holland):

PanoramicPortraits is an Internet project by artist Manon de Boer. It is the
first in a series of commissions in which SKOR invites artists to explore
the public domain on the Internet. For PanoramicPortraits, Manon de Boer
took her own environment as the starting point of her investigation,
creating a network from her personal contacts.

PanoramicPortraits is a growing collection of virtual portraits, originally
of friends, although later of individuals not personally known to the
artist. The portraits comprise a variety of biographical information,
subjective and objective, ranging from personal knowledge to verifiable
information on the web. De Boer's perception of the identity of a specific
subject, as shown on her site, is confronted by the image presented by the
individual's own website and connected links. In this way, the artist brings
together a variety of information flows about the identity of her subjects,
which simultaneously complete and mirror each other. Combined, they question
identity, self image and (re)presentation, and their 'reality' in a domain
(the internet) where individuals are made up predominantly of text.

PanoramicPortraits will be online for eighteen months. The collection of
portraits will be constantly expanded and the artist will publish her
progress notes on the homepage. In Panoramic Dialogue she will talk about
her findings with publicist, researcher and artist Willem van Weelden. There
will also be an archive, a portal to responses and correspondence sent to
the website. Visitors are asked to give their reactions and to add to the
work with their detailed comments.

Concept, realisation and design: Manon de Boer and Rob Meerman
Producer: SKOR (Foundation for Art and Public Space, Amsterdam, Holland)
More information: Mariska van den Berg: mvdb {AT} skor.nl/ Hanneke Janssens:
hj {AT} skor.nl

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