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[Nettime-nl] quarantine: new art space in Amsterdam
geert lovink on Thu, 10 Apr 2003 17:35:29 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] quarantine: new art space in Amsterdam

From: "Quarantine Series" <quarantine {AT} loods6.nl>
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2003 4:32 AM
Subject: OPENING SOON: new art space in Amsterdam

Colour of Quarantine Series generated on 10 April 2003

Quarantine Series

Today you receive the first announcement of Quarantine Series.

Quarantine Series is the title of a new series of international contemporary
art projects and cultural events taking place in a new exhibition space in
Amsterdam. We expect to open May 31st 2003. In this announcement we'd like
to tell you a little something about our space, our programme, ambitions and

Firstly, it's interesting to know that our exhibition space is located in a
former quarantine building, dating from the 1920's. Emigrés from Eastern
Europe, wanting to travel to America, were put in quarantine in this
building before they went on the ships of the Royal Dutch Lloyd shipping
company. Today, the building is completely renovated and houses 12 artists
studios, 2 sound studios, a café and an exhibition space. It's located in
the eastern docklands of Amsterdam, a redeveloped area that is famous for
its innovative architecture.

Also, you might like to know that our exhibition space is combined with a
café, called De Cantine. Although our spaces are semi-seperated by one long
wall, we do share the same audience, the same opening hours (12.00 AM -
01.00 AM) and the same goal: making the place a vibrant meeting point for
art, culture, food and drinks.

The programme of Quarantine Series has four different models of
presentation. We call them:

ON THE WALL: these are individual exhibitions (changing every six or seven
weeks) by young international artists, presenting a new work made
specifically for the walls, the floor and/or the ceiling of the exhibition

OFF THE WALL: this is a monthly series of evenings with debates,
presentations, films or videos, sound performances, etc.

WONDERWALL: is a temporary presentation (twice a year) by a small
international creative company, for instance: a record label, a fashion
designer or a publisher of artists books.

PAPERWALL: is an additional 'exhibition on paper' by way of our print work,
presenting unpublished typefaces by Dutch type-designers.

Let's tell you about our ambitions. We feel Amsterdam is in need of a space
for experimental and high-quality exhibitions of international contemporary
art. Quarantine Series intends to be such a place, while at the same time
questioning its own parameters: What are the capacities of art within a
social context? Can art still communicate - in a meaningful way - in such a
context? We want to test these questions and investigate the relationship
between autonomous, critical, artistic production and its cultural, social,
political, or sometimes only entertaining context. By operating in
collaboration with the café, we hope to open up new possibilities: bringing
art, artists and audiences together in a different ambiance, sharing
different networks and different discussions.

Finally, a word about our organisation. Quarantine Series is initiated by
Stichting Kunstwerk Loods 6, a foundation that supports and stimulates
innovative art projects by providing space for artists, designers and
creative companies. Quarantine Series is curated by Nina Folkersma, in
collaboration with a team of advisors: Nathalie Bruys (sound artist, based
in Berlin), Gijs Müller (artist, based in Amsterdam), Maxine Kopsa
(curator/critic, based in Amsterdam and Karlsruhe), Femke Lutgerink
(assistant-curator, based in Amsterdam), Jerôme Sans (artistic director
Palais de Tokyo, Paris) and many more to come. The interior of the
café/exhibition space is designed by Customr: Willem van der Sluis and Hugo
Timmermans, who are also members of the advisory team. The graphic design of
Quarantine Series is created by Luna Maurer. You can already take a look at
the beautiful website she made for us: http://www.quarantine.nl  (NOTE: the
recommended browser for the site is Internet Explorer)

Last but not least, we like to express our gratitude for the support of the
Mondriaan Stichting, Fonds voor de Beeldende Kunst, Bouwkunst en Vormgeving,
Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds Amsterdam and the
VSB Fonds.

We hope to see you at our opening!
We'll let you know the exact date & time in a couple of weeks.

Quarantine Series

Quarantine Building
Rietlandpark 375
1019 ME Amsterdam
E: quarantine {AT} loods6.nl

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