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Károly Tóth on Thu, 10 Apr 2003 19:52:37 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] [ZEROGLAB] - Press Release - ANNOUNCEMENT OF NANOFESTIVAL V.001

Press Release


10 April 2003, Rotterdam, Netherlands

ZEROGLAB is announcing the opening of the NANOFESTIVAL V.001. The event is
an open source, international art festival for extreme short (10 sec.!) web
movies and software art. The initiator and curator is ZEROGLAB, an
independent art-lab in Rotterdam/EU. The first Nanofestival presents over 70
works from 53 submissions from the following countries:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Estonia, France, Hungary,
Iran, Israel, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden,
Switzerland, United States and some nonexistent or not further specified

On request, there is a possibility to make off-line video screenings of the
submitted art works.

Festival web page with on-line festival catalogue:

The video stream for online screening, with (almost) all submissions.
MS Windows Media: "mms://stream.v2.nl:554/hosting/nano//screening1.wmv"

Length: 23:42 min
Bit rate: multiple (max 305 kbps)
Video size: 320x240 pix/25fps.
Audio codec: Windows Media Audio 9
Video codec: Windows Media Video V7

Media for off-line screening: 
On video tape:	mini dv tape (PAL), VHS tape (PAL).
On CD-ROM:		QuickTime, Real Media, Windows Media

The Nanofestival web streaming has been made possible with the kind support
of the WORM Organization [www.wormweb.nl] in Rotterdam/EU. 

Contact Nanofestival: 
Name: 	Karoly Toth
Phone: 	+31 (0)10 24 003 90
Address: 	Gedempte Zalmhaven 923,
		3011, BT, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Web:		www.xs4all.nl/~are/nanofestival/index.html
Email:	nanofestival {AT} xs4all.nl

zeroglab nanofestival
károly tóth
nanofestival {AT} xs4all.nl
Zeroglab is an independent art-lab
based in Rotterdam.
The lab is in an evolving process of
exchange with initiatives of individuals
and institutions, based on mutual sympathy. 

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