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SMART Project Space on Thu, 1 May 2003 22:17:17 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Filmmakers Present: Tuesday 6 + 20 May, 19.30 hrs. Smart Cinema

SMART Project Space | 1e Constantijn Huygensstraat 20, Amsterdam, +31 (0)20 427 5951  
Tuesday May 6 and Tuesday May 20, 19.30 hrs. Smart Project Space presents: 

Filmmakers Present: 
A series in which film-and video artists will present their work
Tuesday May 6, 19.30 hrs.

Martin Hansen will present quite diverse work. An expressionistic silent movie, a surrealistic animation film, an experimental film performance, a movie play and a documentary nature film. What do these films have in common except that they are from the same filmmaker? All of them will bring you into weird little worlds away from the outside reality. They exist only in the head of the maker and in the moment when
they light up on the screen.

Simulacren - Markt der Schatten  (1985, 13 min, z/w ,16mm) Come to the fair of shadows and free yourself of all your unfulfilled dreams and wishes
Ragout  (1990, 11 min, z/w, 16mm) Visit the two cooks in a dark kitchen losing control of the ingredients.
Parru  (1989, 15min, z/w, 16mm) Welcome in my vibrating prison where I paint with my personal shit.
Zimmer 22  (1995,10 min, color,16mm) Have a nice stay in this hotel but don¹t be afraid of flowered wallpaper
Frozen fountainhead (2001, 11 min, col, dv video) From the icy tops of the mountains to the hot springs of the mnemosyne.

Anouk de Clercq studied film at the Sint-Lukas art academy in Brussels. In New York she worked with the Wooster group - an ensemble of artists that combine theatre with video and music - and she became interested in bringing together different art forms and artists. Since than De Clercq is drawn to the interplay of disciplines: besides mixing different art forms in her video work - combining textual graphics, music and images in video-installations - she also composes images to be integrated in music- theatre- or dance-pieces. 

Motion for Stockhausen  (2000, 11 min. DV, b/w stereo) Conceived originally as a backdrop projection for the dance performance 'chorée', this video is in itself a study on choreography. The image source is the oldest Belgian film footage, "film médicaux" (1904) shot by Arthur van Gehuchten, a Belgian anatomist, neurologist and pioneer of clinical cinematography. The movements of hysterical patients are carefully reframed in a dignifying way. 

Whoosh  2001, 13 min. DV, b/w stereo English text) Motion pictures, motion graphics and music interplay in a poetic reflection on our accelerated age.

Portal 2002, 14 min. DVD b/w stereo, English text) [portal] unfolds a space where you can drop your guard: a rhythmic, geometric space, a comforting place built of shapes and sounds whispering: here never alone.

Tuesday may 20, 19.30 hrs.

Hannes Schüpbach, a Swiss filmmaker, creates silent color films that evoke an experience similar to poetry. He composes and varies images of places, people, and gestures, originating from a specific living context in each film. The subtlety and distance of his images invites the eye to 'listen' to them very carefully. The program shows the gradual development of the artist's film language based on the image as trace of reality and potential metaphor. Hannes Schüpbach has been working with film, in parallel with his large painting suites, since the early 1990's. 

Portrait marriage (2000, 9min. 16 mm, silent) (Filmed in the Val Bregaglia, Switzerland) turns the staging of a 'rite de passage' into an allusively layered narrative. The film distils a sensual remembrance by the filmmaker's intense participation and his spontaneous aesthetic choices.

Spin (2001, 12min., 16 mm. Silent) (Filmed in Winterthur, Switzerland) reflects the beauty of the transitory and evokes the regret connected to its passing. The artist's aging mother, at the centre of this film, marks the unique presence of the single human consciousness. (Spin - the inherent turning momentum of electrons.)

Toccata (2002, 28min., 16 mm, silent) (Filmed in Genoa, Italy, 1999-2001) develops the 'touch of the place' as a direct encounter with the seemingly familiar elements of a house and city. The image recreates an inner experience by the use of a wide range of stylised movements and colourings. "Il tocco means not only touch; it can also mean a small quantity, a single brush stroke in painting, the striking of a bell or piano keys." 

Invitation of the artist made possible by a grant from Pro Helvetia, Arts Council of Switzerland. 

Joost Rekveld has been making abstract films and kinetic installations. He started doing this out of a fascination with the sensual force of moving colour and took his inspiration from earlier attempts to reach a form of composed light which can be compared to the way sound is structured in a musical piece. His recent films are attempts to develop representations of space in a way that is very different from the traditional perspective given by lenses. In the not too distant future Rekveld's work will develop away from the traditional film screen and towards more architectural and possibly interactive forms of light art and abstract luminous forms.

#3 (16mm, 4', 1994, silent)

#3 is a film with pure light, in which the images were created by 
recording the movements of a tiny light source with extremely long 
exposures, so that it draws traces on the emulsion. The light is part 
of a simple mechanical system that exhibits chaotic behaviour.

VRFLM (16mm, 2', 1994, silent), VRFLM is a short study for the optical printer, based on found footage of fire, on coloured light from the optical printer and on partially 
destroyed film.

IFS-film (16mm, 3', 1991-94, silent), IFS-film is a computer film, made using custom computer-animation software in which images are defined as variations in visual pixel 
noise which in theory contains all possible images.

#5 (3x 16mm, 6', 1994, silent), #5 is a film for three projectors and three independent screens next to each other. The images were made using very non virtual, simple reflecting materials and can be regarded as a kind of action painting 
with light.

#11, Marey <-> Moiré (35mm scope, 21', 1999, dolby SR), #11 (Marey <-> Moiré) is a film in which all images were generated using long stroboscopic exposures, resulting in a neo-primitive kind of op-art. It is a film about the discontinuity that lies at the heart of 
the film medium and is a tribute to the scientists who laid the foundations for the film medium. Sound by Edwin van der Heide.

#23.2, Book of Mirrors (35mm academy, 12', 2002, dolby SR),  #23 will grow to be a cycle of five abstract films about light, inspired by concepts found in medieval and renaissance optics. The films are made with a set-up in which ancient and very elementary optical principles are used to generate images. These images are caused by the interplay of light waves directly onto the emulsion, not using lenses as they are used normally to reproduce a scene outside of the camera. This film in the cycle deals with the multiplication of light beams through mirrors and kaleidoscopes and has been made in collaboration with composer Rozalie Hirs.

Location: Smart Cinema
Price: 5.50 Euro
For information please contact Alice Smits

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