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DISCO SOCIALISM on Mon, 2 Jun 2003 13:38:50 +0200 (CEST)

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ichiban disco[unt] socialism (Aahhhhh) haunting the
dance floor the disco socialism virus is:: slowly but
determined this new saturday night fever control of
club & rave take:: more virus, we need, must have::
evoked from the past & clone it we then did (Aahhhhh)
of ears you're disco are made but deaf the future of
funky disease disco socialism is not:: more & more all
of your disco are belong to us:: who controls the
ears, the disco does control.

delicious ears these predecessors of disco socialism
have:: mapping the histrionics of the disco socialist
swarm:: {Haitian voodoo:: sacred rhythms in illegal
jungle raves} {German jazz jugend during NAZI reign::
swing heil that white ass booty!! } {sufi masters
under Taliban regime} {hiphop fighting the WASP moral
majority:: sampling is a right} {tribalist nomadic
rave resistance:: crusties bling blinging}
{Pythagoras:: equalling with the harpsichord the
universe does} {the Jungle Association of Autonomous
Astronauts massive(Aahhhhh):: binary polyphonic sound
system culture for outer space}   
from sonic fiction to social fact dance with different
ears disco socialism does

the filter the sound rose of disco socialism
nonresistant islands impossible to map were being
contaminated:: pierced with hexagon dance flash of
syxy breakbeat (Aahhhhh) scooped out with nunchaku
(Aahhhhh), burnt with flamethrower (Aahhhhh) and
destroyed (Aahhhhh) a huge dancefloor full breezers
and Heineken was.

(Aahhhhh) these, that one approach a sum use from the
filter -10dB/decade to of first filters of order
compensated is. It is right at within +/-0.05dB over
9.2hz (44100 Hz speed that test). The profit of the
unity is in permanent revolution, but the numbers at
the end of each line may be regulated climb:: disco
socialism reclaims the algorhythms. 

when 'club' put together of the number all similar
chance has, precise as that () the position through
the edge caused, the disco socialism will an almost
gaussian flat distribution have. The weirdest shizzle
disco socialism is (Oohh) (Aahhhhh). 

of ears this virus is made:: Kunnen baby, u dit
behandelen? Kunnen baby, u dit behandelen? Kunnen
baby, u dit behandelen? Ik denk niet dat u dit
behandelen kan:: we have obtained the brains (obtained
the control center) we have obtained the looks
(obtained the DJ booth) permit us the great quantity
of it marks the socialism of the disco (the socialism
of the disco of Oohh) (Aahhhhh) the socialism of the
disco:: reclaim the dancefloor (obtained the ears)
(Oohh) (Aahhhhh) 

when we reclaim to be the control post we
wholeheartedly agree with comrade disco socialist view
point, but like the typical disco socialist joint
these go it is a movement, a process of becoming
[invisible] [forget the DJ] the disco is that I got
the disco, that mine frequencies temporary and
resonate your eardrums at banger anthems broad
shouldered 51% comrades, that YOU turned us into Alta
Vista Cult:: more conventionally not find will using
Google, move the freephase and the generator Crank it
on at the gigawatts at disco-fascists that manage it
with the potshots, the plot mittens for these under
zero condition:: we think you can make lots of
original disco socialist (Aahhhhh) (Aahhhhh) material

disco socialist song lines:: the music does the
comrades together combination the middle-classes of
song lines and the rebel comes:: sing along
cartography for public space of disco~scape (obtained
the islands we have) (Aahhhhh). you not need expensive
shoes to navigate/dance in socialist disco space you
need:: hum hum human beatbox to the renegade breakbeat
science while following ears (we obtained the maps)
(Aahhhhh) (snatch it we did). are you infected yet
discoyen? [losing it's spatial dimension the disco is,
becoming invisible the disco is] (Aahhhhh) no dr.
octagon can cure:: no dr. polygon can save the greasy
disco of yesterday:: the right to be 'poor' disco
deserves:: disco socialism the word & the motion is.  




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