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[Nettime-nl] Lost Film Fest {AT} .off_corso Rotterdam
Adapter|Eduard von lindheim on Wed, 23 Jul 2003 19:55:34 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Lost Film Fest {AT} .off_corso Rotterdam

Dangerous Media Program

Sunday the 27th of July Off_Corso en Roodkapje present the Lost Film 
Festival at Off_Corso in Rotterdam. Lost film festival is a travelling 
showcase of truly independent (read: anti-corporate) film based in West 

West Philadelphia's Lost Film Festival hits Europe with it's Dangerous 
Media Tour. The new program features scathing and hilarious social 
commentary from North America and beyond in the form of narrative shorts, 
documented pranks, and hot amateur protest footage from around the world 
appropriately called Riot Porn  by the festival organizers.

The unique program is an action packed three hours long, and never drags. 
Festival director Scott Beibin spins the films in the same way a house DJ 
spins records, and narrates with amusing anecdotes and behind the scenes 
information about the films. Lost Film Fest, sports a strong guerrilla 
aesthetic. Itsindigenous environs are squats, clubs, warehouses, & 
rooftops, but regularly appears at theatres and universities as its gained 
enormous popularity throughout the years.

The Lost film fest features: Terror, Iraq, Weapons | (Mike Nourse) 3 min, 
Burning Man [Trailer] | (Gael Firth) 6 min, The Horribly Stupid Stunt Which 
Has Resulted In His Untimely Death  | (The Yes Men) 16 min, Punk Rock 
Archives: Social Distortion | (CTV) 20 min doc, Maryland 355 | (Ben 
Scholle) and many other titles.

Tour is sponsored by: Poisonfree.com / Rotterdam performance was made 
possible by de Rotterdamse Kunststichting

Entrance: 2 euro

Date: sunday 27th of july

Time: 20.30 hr

For complete program details see: 
<http://www.lostfilmfest.com>www.lostfilmfest.com or 

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