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[Nettime-nl] Video Program | Permanent Transit
SMART Project Space on Sat, 4 Oct 2003 15:49:05 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Video Program | Permanent Transit

SMART Project Space | 1st Constantijn Huygensstraat 20, Amsterdam | 020 427 5951 

SMART Project Space invites you to October´s video program curated by filmmaker Francis Gomila.

Location SMART cinema
Every Sunday and Thursday at 17:00
Free entrance

Permanent Transit
curated by Francis Gomila 

By the beginning of the 21 century 130 million people were estimated to be living outside their native homeland. Mass immigration, forced on by political and economic upheaval and repression, has become a major issue on the table of the European Community. Yet as politicians from member states meet to shore up their boarders attempting to stem the flow, it becomes evident that without the incoming migrant workers there would be no one disposed to wash-up the dishes at the end of their meeting. LOST BOYS brings into focus a collection of films and videos surveying the state- or rather statelessness- of the exiled, the refugee, and the itinerant, which captures the dreams, disappointments, fears, and hopes of some of them.




Sunday October 5, 17:00
Clive Gordon The Lost Boys (2003/UK/75 min.) In 1987, thousands of young Sudanese boys fled into the bush when the Arab army of Sudan attacked their villages. Many of the survivors made their way to a refugee camp in Kenya, where they have remained ever since. In 1999, the US announced that 3,500 of them would be granted residency. This culture-clash documentary charts the story of the so-called "Lost boys of Sudan" as they attempt to create a new life for themselves in the land of opportunity. 




Thursday October 9 & Sunday October 12, 17:00

Jussara Figueredo I Want to Be a Number (2002/Brazil/US/28 min.) 800,000 Brazilians live in the U.S. - 150,000 of them in Massachusetts. Jussara Figueredo, a Brazilian immigrant herself, conducts interviews among Boston's Brazilian community and finds out what makes them tick. 


Alonso Gil An Error Occurred (2001/Spain/12 min.) Hard-line working-class subjectivity has collapsed. Tourism has become all pervading. The stars of this video move through the streets and Bar terraces in Seville, singing and dancing asking for small change. They are the remainders, the rejects of the human fauna, tricksters and street hustlers, a bunch of musicians on whom we frequently offload our change, not in order to hear them, not for them to sing but to shut them up, because the sight of them is often unbearable. 


Mayumi Kimura Virtual Sanctuary (2002/Japan/18 min.) A personal search for her Prince leads Kimura to examine her identity as a foreigner in New York. Interposing her temporal identity like a phantasm within the authorised territory of Hollywood films, Kimura reveals the fantasy within the "reality" that cinema constructs.



Thursday October 16 & Sunday October 19, 17:00
Vincent Monnikendam Mother Dao the Turtlelike (1995/NL/90 min.) Referencing 35mm nitrite films shot by the Dutch government between 1912 and 1933, Monnikendam's reconstructed documentary  is a brilliant evocation of the history and impact of colonialism. More than 260,000 meters of 35mm documentary film footage from the Dutch film archives served as the source material for his film. Mother Dao the Turtlelike, takes us on an unforgettable journey through the colonial machinery of the 1920s and its implantation in a world totally different from Western Europe. 



Sunday 19 October & Wednesday 22 October, 17:00
Francis Gomila Asylum (2003/UK/23 min.) A hypnotic time slice film on asylum seeking Romany Gypsies from the Czech Republic living in the UK. Gomila's revolving camera eye offers the viewer a haunting insight into this fragile and transitory community of asylum seekers as the sit and wait the result of their application to stay in the UK to be approved by the immigration authorities. 


Alonso Gil Flashed-out (2003/ES/32 min.) Gil follows his film "An Error Occurred" with an intriguing study on Tourism as a true capitalist form, delving into the underbelly of the service sector in Seville exclusively manned by immigrant and itinerant workers.  



Thursday October 30, 17:00
Kim Trang Amaurosis (2002/US/28 min.) An experimental documentary about the extraordinary creative world of Nguyen Duc Dat, a blind guitarist living in the unique community of Little Saigon, Orange County, California. 


S. Ashraf Meer Underground: Letter From an Immigrant (2002/US/8 min.) An expressionistic meditation on London, using "The Tube" (London's underground transport system) as a metaphor for the urban isolation of the immigrant experience.


Mariam Ghani Permanent Transit (2002/US/24 min.) A journey through 11 countries between East and West. A road movie on the statelessness of the exiled, the refugee, and the itinerant.

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