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[Nettime-nl] AWARE
arianne van der veen on Mon, 20 Oct 2003 12:40:06 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] AWARE

Paradiso (1e Balkon), Amsterdam
23-24th October,

The e-culture fair will give you the chance to see and experience new 
concepts and prototypes of digital media products which will propose to 
enhance the way we live, work, learn, play and communicate.  The e-culture 
organisers have categorised 50 projects into three themes or zones:
'my-mode', 'toys4us', 'mobile home'.

If the presented products and services in these themes are going to enhance 
our life, how might they be useful?  When might the projects presented be 
useful out in the real world after you have left the fair?

If you possess a device such as a digital camera, mobile or media-phone, the 
chances are you will be able to share your experiences 'as- they-happen'.

Criticise!  Maybe you will give the designers and researchers something to 
think about? ;)  As many as possible should have a say in how digital media 
technology may affect and have use in our life.

'aware' operates a collective mobile log (moblog) that allows you 
send/contribute text, captured image, small sound and movie-clips.  We make 
a forum available online for others to view, read and listen.

'aware' invites YOU to contribute YOUR FEEDBACK via email or SMS:

look at http://eculture.awa-re.net/how.html for details to contribute.

for questions contact:
info {AT} awa-re.net
or IRC: #aware on IRCnet [http://www.ircnet.com/cgi-bin/irc.cgi]

aware' has been developed in the Media Lab, University of Art and Design
UIAH Helsinki, http://mlab.uiah.fi

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