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[Nettime-nl] Nov 5, Alexei Shulgin, Rotterdam
matthew fuller on Tue, 21 Oct 2003 12:57:51 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Nov 5, Alexei Shulgin, Rotterdam

Public Talk: Alexei Shulgin

3pm,  November 5th, 2003
Piet Zwart Institute, Overblaak 85, Rotterdam

Alexei Shulgin as a Creative Filter.

In his talk Alexei Shulgin will give an introduction to his major artistic and
curatorial projects from the perspective of the information excess and
data noise we experience today.  Where do artists get inspiration
from during the crisis of Religion and after the end of Folk?  Why do we need
to produce more in the situation of overproduction?  What is creative activity
in the shade of a divided institutional art world?  New art forms,
brought up by the fast development of technology.  These and many other
interesting topics with be touched upon in Alexei's richly illustrated talk,
along with a report on his work at PZI.  This project for the web 
addresses issues of individual
resistance to consumer culture, information filtering, the cleansing 
of public space,
privacy protection, art and business strategies, 'analogueness' vs. 
low-tech and simplicity vs. high-tech.


Artist, curator, musician

born 1963 in Moscow
lives and works in Moscow and Helsinki

1988  Founded "Immediate Photography" group
1994  Created electronic photogallery "Hot Pictures" on the Internet
1995  Founded Moscow WWWArt Centre (http://sunsite.cs.msu.su/wwwart/)
1997  Invented Form Art (http://www.c3.hu/collection/form/)
1997  Started Easylife site (http://www.easylife.org/)
1998  Founded 386 DX cyberpunk rockband (http://www.easylife.org/386dx)
1999  Webmaster at FUFME, Inc. (http://www.fu-fme.com)
2000-2001  Professor at Pro Arte Institute, St. Petersburg
2002  Curator of Read_Me software art festival, Moscow
2003  Curator of Read_Me software art festival, Helsinki
       Co-organizer of Runme.org, a software art repository 

Alexei has participated in hundreds of local and international 
exhibitions, festivals and conferences on photography/contemporary 
art/media art/communications. 386 DX band has given over a hundred 
performances worldwide.

Alexei Shulgin is currently Research Fellow at the Media Design 
Research programme of the Piet Zwart Institute, the institute for 
postgraduate studies and research of the Willem de Kooning Academy 
Hogeschool Rotterdam.  http://pzwart.wdka.hro.nl/

This event is open to the public.

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