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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Announcement Lecture & Artech Workshop for Women
knock on Wed, 22 Oct 2003 21:37:16 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Announcement Lecture & Artech Workshop for Women

STEIM presents on Wednesday, 29th October at 20.30h a lecture by:

ERIC LYON - prolific composer, software creator, ucsd alumni, Max/Msp  

introducing his experiments in Prismatic Spatial Diffusion, a new  
method of musical multichannel surround sound projection that analyzes  
and fractionates sound to complimentary spectral subsets and routed  
these to multiple speakers in real time.

A new collection of Max/MSP externals designed to perform this task in  
stereo, quadraphonic and octophonic configurations will be  
demonstrated. Compositional results and notions for the use of this  
software will be presented and discussed.

Eric Lyon composes instrumental, digital and mixed media works. He has  
studied composition at Princeton, the Eastman School of Music and UC  
San Diego with Milton Babbitt, Paul Lansky, J.K. Randall, Robert  
Morris, Gordon Mumma and Brian Ferneyhough. His instrumental music has  
been performed at such international events as the Darmstadt Summer  
Courses, Gaudeamus and the Bonk Festival. His digital music has been  
performed at the ICMC, SEAMUS, WoodStockhausen and many other  
electro-acoustic festivals and conferences. Among his major musical  
influences are Paul Hindemith, Sun Ra, and Edgard Varese.

After completing a Ph.D. in Composition at UCSD, Lyon worked as  
post-doctoral researcher at the Center for Research in Computing and  
the Arts (CRCA) before moving to Japan to research and teach computer  
music at Keio University, SFC and the International Academy of Media  
Arts and Science (IAMAS) at Gifu. Since 1999 Lyon has taught in the  
music department of Dartmouth College and in the graduate program in  
electro-acoustic music. Lyon has presented technical papers introducing  
software for virtual drum machines, various forms of spectral  
processing, an analysis of contrapuntal techniques in the work of Aphex  
Twin, and most recently a study of rhythmic and harmonic techniques in  
the music of XTC. Lyon is a co-founder of the Bonk Festival of New  
Music,  and organizer of the 2003 Electric Rainbow Coalition Festival  
of electro-acoustic music.

email: eric.lyon {AT} dartmouth.edu
web: http://arcana.dartmouth.edu/~eric

Date:  Wednesday October 29th
Time: 20.30h
Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Entrance: free


ARTECH_\FOR\_WOMEN ARTISTS workshop, 10th November, 2003
by Frankie Mann

ARTECH jumpstart: a tech workshop for women artists

Do you have an idea that requires some software know-how,
but there's a gap between your idea and how to pull it off?
Do you have ideas that can't be provided by canned commercial software?

This multi-day Macintosh-oriented workshop offers a jumpstart
in how to write or customize software for music and media projects.
An overview of languages such as C, Perl, and AppleScript will be  
as well as how to glue together off-the-shelf software to make your  
distinctive ideas come to life.

Ideally, participants should bring their Macintosh laptops running Mac  
OS X. (If you aren't running Mac OS X on your Mac, Frankie can help you  
make the transition.)

Frankie Mann is an infamous Sonologist, educated at the Oberlin  
Conservatory and at Mills Center for Contemporary Music in California.  
She has, in addition to playing and composing, been a prolific  
professional programmer working for Eventide, Atari/Warner, Phillips,  
recently lead a group of moonlighting Russian scientists in order to  
write some of your favorite media codecs and has been involved in  
APPLE's new Panther OSX operating system.

Lecturer: 		FRANKIE MANN
Place: 		STEIM: Achtergracht 19, Amsterdam
Course cost: 	160 euro

It will be a 4-day, hands-on workshop, running from 10th to 13th  
November 2003,  from 10.00-17.00h.

Registration is required for this workshop. Places are limited to 10  
Registration can only be done through the STEIM website.

For more information you can email workshops {AT} steim.nl.
Please let others interested know about this workshop.

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