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[Nettime-nl] Truth or Dare? Celebrating 15 years of Women's Studies in
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[Nettime-nl] Truth or Dare? Celebrating 15 years of Women's Studies in Utrecht

Truth or Dare?
Celebrating 15 years of Women's Studies in Utrecht

13th and 14th November 2003
Utrecht, The Netherlands

The conference aims at an international comparison of theoretical
development in gender research in an interdisciplinary perspective
within the humanities. It highlights recent developments in the
field, especially in new media, epistemology and issues related to
ethnicity and cultural diversity. It is also an opportunity to
celebrate fifteen years of academic success. Women's Studies Utrecht
offers the only MA currently available in the Netherlands. This
includes a one year professional Master curriculum and also a
two-year research Master's degree.
Utrecht also coordinates the European Thematic Network of Women's
Studies, Athena, supported by the Socrates programme of the European
Commission, which has a membership of 106 universities in 30 European
Utrecht has been officially granted by the European Commission a
pluri-annual grant to host the NOISE summerschool in multicultural
Women's Studies.


Morning Session

Gender, Culture and Technology
Chair: Prof.Dr. Rosi Braidotti (Utrecht University)

Opening by Prof.Dr. W.H. Gispen (Rector Magnificus, Utrecht University)

Plenary keynote speech by:
Prof.Dr. Katherine Hayles (UCLA, USA)

Panel on New Media, including:
Prof.Dr. Josť van Dijck (University of Amsterdam)

Presentation of new Utrecht Women's Studies website, including
computergames by Erna Kotkamp, Marinka Copier and Misja van Laatum

Presentation of Dutch Women's Studies Association (NGV)


Afternoon Session

Women, Science and Epistemology
Chair: Dr. Berteke Waaldijk (Utrecht University)

Plenary keynote speech by:
Prof.Dr. Nina Lykke (University of Southern Denmark)

Panel on Women and Science, including:
- Dr. Margo Brouns (Groningen University)
- Prof.Dr. Elzbieta Oleksy (University of Lodz, Poland)
- Prof.Dr. W.H. Gispen (Rector Magnificus, Utrecht University)
- Prof.Dr. Pim Levelt (President of Royal Netherlands Academy, KNAW)
- Dr. D. Zijderveld (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, NWO)

Prof. Dr. Harriet Silius (Abo Akademi University, Finland) on the
Association of Institutions in Feminist Education and Research in
Europe (AOIFE)

Conference drinks


Morning Session

Gender, Ethnicity and Cultural Diversity at the Crossroads
Chair: Prof.Dr. Gloria Wekker (Utrecht University)

Opening by Prof.Dr. H. Bertens (Dean Arts Faculty, Utrecht University)

Plenary Keynote speech by:
Dr. Ann Phoenix (Open University, UK)

Panel on Gender and Multiculturalism, including:
- Dr. Halleh Ghorashi (Free University Amsterdam)
- Prof.Dr. Svetlana Slapsak (Graduate School of Humanities Ljubljana)
- Ms. Boutheina Gribaa (Centre for Information on Women, Tunisia)

Presentation of the International Information Centre and Archives for
the Women's Movement (IIAV) by Joke Blom


Afternoon Session

Learning from the South
Chair: Dr. Rosemarie Buikema (Utrecht University)

Plenary keynote speech by:
Marlene Dumas (South African artist)

Panel on South Africa, including:
- Diana Ferrus (poet, University of Western Cape, South Africa)
- Zulfah Sallies (South African writer and director)
- Prof.Dr. Ena Jansen (University of Amsterdam)

Other activities around the celebration of 15 years Women's Studies Utrecht:

* "Fifteen years of Women's Studies at Utrecht University" written by
Jeannette van der Sanden.
The main activity of the Lustrum is the production of a brief history
of the making of the Women's Studies curricula at Utrecht University.
In its young history the department has created a cutting edge
programme of education and research with an international reputation.
Women's Studies in Utrecht has constantly been on the move and is
still in full advance. Through a series of interviews this booklet
offers the opportunity to reflect on the extraordinary adventure of
the programme, the efforts of its team, and the conditions that
allowed it to grow. You can purchase the booklet at the conference.

* Studium Generale
Studium Generale of Utrecht University organises a series of lectures
by younger feminists and gender researchers to assess the progress
made and review the agenda of Women's Studies today. Topics include
'Migrations', 'New European Spaces' and 'Gender and Technologies'.
The lectures will take place on November 5, 19 and 26 in the
Academiegebouw (Domplein 29) in Utrecht from 8 p.m. The entrance is
For more information: www.sg.uu.nl

* The Computergame
During the 15th anniversary of the Department, the new website of
Women's Studies Utrecht will be launched with a clear outline
containing all the new information on the changes in the Women's
Studies programme and the complexity of activities Women's Studies
Custom made for the festivities by a team of cyber-feminists (Erna
Kotkamp, Marinka Copier and Misja van Laatum) is the interactive part
of the website. A variety of games will be offered in which
knowledge, speed and insight will be tested in the field of Women's
Studies. The aim of the game is to make people compete for an
academic Women's Studies title within the new Bachelor/Master/Ph.D

There are three different registration fees for the conference:

Full-fee paying participants: * 100,- (2 days) or * 60,- (one day)
Official Alumnae Women's Studies Utrecht: * 50,- (2 days) or * 30,- (one day)
Students: * 25,- (2 days) or * 15,- (one day)

Registration forms can be downloaded from the website:

This website will be updated regularly (with the full programme,
time-table, titles of lectures and a map). If you want more
information, don't hesitate to email us: truthordare {AT} let.uu.nl

Registration deadline: November 6, 2003

Conference location:
Educatorium, Megaronzaal
Leuvenlaan 19, Utrecht

Conference Organiser:

Prof.Dr. Rosi Braidotti
Utrecht University / Faculty of Arts
Women's Studies Programme
Muntstraat 2a
3512 EV Utrecht
The Netherlands
Tel: +31(0)30 2536001
Fax: +31(0)30 2536695
E-mail: truthordare {AT} let.uu.nl

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