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[Nettime-nl] Social violence in L-America
jo van der spek on Wed, 5 Nov 2003 21:17:17 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Social violence in L-America

New forms of violence in Latin America

After decades of civil war, dicatorship and state repression, Latin America 
has become a relatively peaceful continent: political violence has declined 
and (more or less) democratic systems have replaced their authoritarian 
predecessors. Nevertheless, social violence has become a central feature in 
these societies. Homicides and criminal activities by youth gangs increased 
in Central America after peace accords were signed. Guatemala has 
experienced an increase of popular lynchings against delincuents and 
violent action of former patrol members. Criminal violence is becoming a 
serious problem in Argentina and Brasil, and remains a central feature in 
Colombia, where many claim that the FARC has changed from a political 
movement into a narco guerrilla, mainly driven by greed.

So what is going on here? How can we understand this transformation of 
violence? And how to explain the increase of new forms of violencein Latin 
America? Is there really something newgoing on, or is it the intensity that 
is alarming? This public seminar, building on an earlier NALACS workshop, 
addresses these questions with presentations by national and international 
experts, building on recent research in Lartin America.

Participation is open to NALACS members, students and others interested in 
the topic. However, there is a limited amount of seats, so participants are 
kindly requested to confirm their assistance by e-mail to 
<mailto:workshop7november {AT} icco.nl>workshop7november {AT} icco.nl before 3 November.

* Prof. dr Jenny Pearce - Dept. of Peace Studies, Bradford University, UK
* Dr Dennis Rodgers - Development Studies Institute, London School of 
Economics, UK
* Dr ir Pieter de Vries - Dept. of Rural Development Sociology, Wageningen 

Plus: scenes from the film Cidade de Deus(Brasil, 2002)
meer info op <http://www.nalacs.nl>www.nalacs.nl

13:00-17:00 uur
Lutherse Kerk
Hamburgerstraat 9

vrije media en verarmd uranium in Irak
Zat. 8-11 Zaal 100 org. XminY

Jo van der Spek,
radio journalist & tactical media consultant
current project: Radio Reed Flute

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