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[Nettime-nl] CIVIC TV
igor kempinski on Fri, 14 Nov 2003 15:27:43 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] CIVIC TV

Rotterdam is going to hell. What can we do about it?

FIRST EPISODE: 22nd November 2003 12:00 - 18:00
Het Poortgebouw, Rotterdam  

CIVIC TV will be a high summit of cultural engineers, anarchitects, urban
explorers, peripatic hedonists, 
squatters, graffiti aficionados, street-artists, generative
psychogeographers, space hijackers, 
folly-builders, invisible city excavators, collaborative mapping gurus and
transdimensional tourists for the 
years to come.    

The first episode (uraufführung) of CIVIC TV is a one day event that will
present various approaches to 
understand, use & criticise the urban environment and how these practices
are sustained. CIVIC TV will be 
a unique opportunity for those interested in alternative mental and spatial
engineering to meet.


Dutch city planning & architecture is famous over the entire world for it's
progressiveness. Over the years, 
Rotterdam has been the city where these agencies have been given carte
blanche to build their most 
daring projects.. Meanwhile, Dutch politics has taken a sharp rightwing
turn, a turn that climaxed in 
Rotterdam through He who cannot be named: the Almighty Bald One. These
currents intersect; without 
doubt Rotterdam can be singled out as the Dutch city where surveillance
technology, architectural encoded 
crime prevention & a social hygiene enforced by a zero-tolerance policy, has
left the city with a sublime, 
ever growing, skyline & an increasingly militarised public space. 


Radical architecture is not that radical as the would-be-radicals like to
believe. CIVIC TV offers a platform 
of alternatives, of paths towards a perspective that brings together those
who want to reconsider the city 
as it is. We feel that the city is in need of new uses, of a new frame that
captures it's essence as a place of 
human interaction, as an aggregator of the fantastic & the unexpected. We
take as self-evident that the 
city is in need of a new mythology. We city inhabitants need new stories to
make sense of our changing 
environment. CIVIC TV aims to present the building stones from which this
new mythology can be 

CIVIC TV will take place at the Poortgebouw. A significant place for an
event like this as it's located within 
the newly developed 'Kop van Zuid': the hinterland of the Erasmusbrug; a
"prestigious" area which awaits 
yet unbuilt future "monuments" of modern architecture. The Poortgebouw, from
an iconic 19th century port 
symbol to the present host of a diverse range of social and cultural
activities, is by means of it's arch 
literally a bridge between the old & the new. 
CIVIC TV is organised by WHY & socialfiction.org

START: 12:00 (***be on time to join the “Kop van Walk”)

SETTING: Attic Food Drinks Walk Noise Video Cats Disobedience

Address: Stieltjesstraat 38, Rotterdam 
Metro Wilhelminaplein, Tram 20, Bus 49
Language: polder-English

More & Updated Information: http://www.why-rotterdam.tk or

Confirmed suspects:

WHY [SuperVision 3000]

Wilfried Hou Je Bek [psychogeography]

Dennis Kaspori [open source architecture]

Olof van de Wal [platformgras]

Autonoom Centrum [Actiegroep Uitzetbajes Dicht!]

De Hondenkoekjesfabriek [performance] 

Saul Alberts [remote Space Hijacker]

Edward Mac Gillavry [collaborative mapping]

2012 Architecten [recyclicity]

Derk Reneman [virtueel kruispunt]

Studio Popcorn [mediapolis]

De Ruimte / Hieke Pars [boekpresentation: Interfering: A travel Guide]

more guests pending, get in touch if you want to get involved.

WHY:: innbetween at hotmail dot com (tel:: 06 25355557) or
social fiction:: info at socialfiction dot org

Supported in various ways 
by Vereniging Poortgebouw 
and Beeldende Kunst 
Openbare Ruimte/CBK Rotterdam

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