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[Nettime-nl] SMART Project Space | Sound Performance : Oliver Wittchow,
SMART Project Space on Tue, 18 Nov 2003 20:11:16 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] SMART Project Space | Sound Performance : Oliver Wittchow, COVOX,Lo-Bat & Myfanwy Ashmore | Saturday, November 22, 22.00h

SMART Project Space | 1e Constantijn Huygensstraat 20, Amsterdam 


Monthly series in which the boundaries between music and art are explored.

Curated by Alex Cecchetti

Location: Café De Ruimte
Price: free admission


Saturday November 22nd, 22.00 hrs. 

Play Boys with a Game Boy

Featuring Oliver Wittchow, COVOX, Lo-Bat and Myfanwy Ashmore

'Nanoloop' and 'Little Sound DJ' are two softwares designed to transform the famous Nintendo Game Boy into a small, hand-held music workstation. 

That means that over 100 million people, approximately the number of Game Boy's sold, are now potentially electronic musicians. These softwares 

are not supported by Nintendo company who after the sucess of 'Nanoloop' and 'Little Sound DJ', are working on their own music device. 


Oliver Wittchow started his project with his own students at Hamburg art school, called 'Nanoloop', consisting of a software synthesizer and sequencer for the Nintendo Game Boy. After that, many musicians and artists began using the program to play techno, house, and experimental music. For Smart Project Space, he is going to show how it all started, programming, in real time, on the game boy itself, with just 3 lines of BASIC code. And then how 

it will evolve, presenting a new software for 'smartphones' and performing minimal house music on a cellphone.


Covox is Thomas Söderlund Gear used: GameBoys, Novation BassStation, Clavia Micromodular, Digitech Vocalist, Behringer UB1204FX-PRO 

and some other stuff. 


Lo-bat, at the moment, is making music on game boy using 'LSDJ'. www.littlesounddj.com, and nothing else.


Myfanwy Ashmore will present 'Mario Battle No. 1', which is an altered version of the popular Nintendo's Mario Bros game. Ashmore, simply removed 

all the enemies, prizes, architecture within the game. Now as a game player, all you can do is to go for a walk. Eventually you run out of time and die. Myfanwy Ashmore, as well as being an exhibiting artist, is currently a technician at the 'Ontario College of Art' and 'Design in the Academic Computer Centre'. Most recently she was nominated and short listed for the prestigious 2003 K.M. Hunter award through the Ontario Arts Council.


For information please contact Alex Cecchetti alex {AT} smartprojectspace.net 

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