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[Nettime-nl] Art and Technology Award ARANEUM
matthew fuller on Wed, 26 Nov 2003 10:23:38 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Art and Technology Award ARANEUM

>>ARANEUM / Art, Science and Technology Award / Awarded by the Spanish
>>Ministry of Science and Technology (MCYT)
>>The Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology announces its 1st Science,
>>Art and Technology Award ARANEUM, a collaboration with the ARCO Foundation.
>>The award aims to promote the production of art and critical thinking
>>related to the Internet.  It seeks to encourage the link between
>>technological research and artistic thought by fostering communication
>>between manufacturers and artists.  In this manner it will engage industry
>>with the intellectual community.  The interaction of these two worlds will
>>expand their horizons with unlimited new creative and productive
>>Applications will be accepted in the following two fields: "Internet-related
>>artwork" and "Research project on Internet creativity."  The proposals
>>selected for the "Internet-related artwork" category will receive 20,000.00
>>Euros; the selected "Research project on Internet creativity" will receive
>>10,000.00 for its development.
>>The aim of this award is to promote artistic and intellectual creation.  The
>>selected proposals will receive a monetary award to assist in the production
>>of the final work.  Completed works will not be accepted.
>>Applications will be received from October 15th to December 15th, 2003.  The
>>winners will be announced during an event at International Contemporary Art
>>Fair ARCO, in Madrid, on Saturday February 14th, 2004, fowling day.
>>Any scholar or artist in the world can participate.  Submissions will be
>>accepted in English or Spanish.
>>The jury will be composed of 5 internationally renowned specialists.  
>>members of the jury will be announced on November 1 2003.
>>Regulations, application forms and more information can be found at:
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