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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] SuperCollider Lecture & Workshop 9 & 10 December
knock on Wed, 3 Dec 2003 11:28:24 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] SuperCollider Lecture & Workshop 9 & 10 December

STEIM presents:
on Tuesday, 9 December at 20.30h

Nick Collins and Fredrik Olofsson
Klipp av -- BBCUT

talking about, demonstrating and performing

Audiovisual Breakbeat Cutting

Klipp av will present techniques for synchronised cutting of  
audiovisual material, capturing live audio and video. Their work is  
based around the bbcut system in the SuperCollider language, developed  
for realtime algorithmic audio cutting in laptop performance. By a  
message protocol to video applications like Max/MSP's nato and jitter,  
the audio cut-up algorithms become immediately available to video  

The presentation will introduce the use of live video that gets  
scratched and cut up exactly in sync with the audio cutters running in  
the music. Stutters in sound translate into stutters in video, with  
both fixed buffers and continuous streaming possible. As well as the  
performers themselves dancing frantically for the cameras, the audience  
can be involved through the video capture and audio capture. Of course,  
more subtle and abstract mappings are also used, and aside from live  
video, some fantastic demonstrations of the techniques come with the  
control of generative 3D graphics.
As well as giving demonstrations, this presentation will describe the  
technology itself, and discuss some of the performance quirks such as  
the use of live programming as a control interface, algorithmic cutting  
simulations of such artists as Squarepusher, and simultaneous use of  
nato and jitter for video and OpenGL VJing.

Date: Tuesday, December 9th
Time: 20.30h
Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134 Amsterdam
Entrance: Free


and a

Practical Introduction Workshop
to the new SuperCollider3 music language

on Wednesday 10 December 10-17h:

This one day course is an introduction to the new SuperCollider Server  
(SC3) language and application on Mac OS X. The workshop will be  
practical, with an emphasis on getting individual projects underway.  
Material will cover the SuperCollider language, the Server  
implementation, and specific features like sound synthesis and  
processing, scheduling, soundfile manipulation, interaction via GUI and  
live coding techniques.

The workshop should be suitable for computer music practitioners  
starting out with SuperCollider, SC2 users who want to update to SC3,  
or SC3 starters wanting an overview of SC3 with an emphasis on live  
electronica performance. A number of  learning templates will be  
provided to help quickstart projects.

This workshop is a condensation of a longer annual course in London,  
and was also presented recently as part of the International Computer  
Music Conference in Singapore. SuperCollider is a lot to get through in  
one day, but hopefully this workshop will give a comfortable  
environment to try out the software and get some insight into its use  
and potential.
Advance versions of the tutorial files are available at:

Lecturer: Nick Collins & Frederik Olofsson
Place: STEIM, Achtergracht 19, Amsterdam
Course cost: 40 euro

It will be a 1 day, hands-on workshop and participants should bring  
their own laptops.

Registration is required for this workshop. Places are limited to 8  
Registration can only be done through the STEIM website.

For more information you can email workshops {AT} steim.nl.
Please let others interested know about this workshop.


The musical architect of Klipp av is Nick Collins, an experienced  
laptop performer and author of the bbcut extension set for  
SuperCollider. He has been a computer music researcher and composer in  
London for the last five years but has now escaped to Cambridge to do a  
PhD on bbcut.
The VJ is Fredrik Olofsson, an installation artist, and a prominent  
MAX/MSP user and author of the nato/jitter bridge objects. Originally  
trained as a musician, his interests extend across the electronic arts,  
and he was co tutor with Nick at the Interactive Dance Music 2002 &  
2003 courses in SuperCollider run in London.

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