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[Nettime-nl] workshops new media -call for participation-
Tim Martens on Fri, 7 May 2004 10:56:49 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] workshops new media -call for participation-

Four workshops new media
September, Oostende, Belgium

Call for participation - Deadline 15th of June 2004

Initiative and organisation : vzw CARGO asbl
Support : VAF Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds
Location : Oostende, Belgium
Period : September 2004 (4 workshops, 5 days each)
Participation fee : 150 EUR


The workshops introduce methods of creating media in networked environments (web, tools, interactive installation modules, game-structures and weblog/cam community platforms). They investigate the kind of places these methods and forms of creation might occupy within computing and wireless communication.

The workshops welcome all those who can't stop making media and creating works that involve or incorporate new media, emerging technologies, and/or electronic art, design and tools. They draw on a combined background of art, (wireless) technology, architecture, game, interaction design and web.

Four workshops: Four practices

Workshop1 : Open content
What we hope to find with www.becoming.be, is not just new prototypes for making media online, but essentially a tool, with which we can contribute better and more actively and creatively to already existing systems, around which fellowships are being formed. Open content is essentially about creation and close communication, in environments of communal computing.
Your mentor : Nicolas Malève.
Please try this context : www.becoming.be (a new tool by Dominique Callewaert, developed as a research project for the Jan Van Eyck Academy, Maastricht).

Workshop 2 : Mediacreation in network context
We think that the strength of having an audiovisual work on the Web does not come out of a well designed and accessible presentation of the final (eventually streamed) result, but out of online prototypes, that offer entries for visitors to get into the ways and procedures that finally resulted in the final work.
More mentors : Stefaan Decostere, Bart Goossens and Jeroen Peys.
Invest this context : mEYEtime, as site and as surveillance (game) platform.

Workshop 3 : Narrative structures in rich interactive environments
The latest technological tools (sms/gsm, wireless computing/communication) point to the development of new types of interactions in an enhanced media and network environment. This is the context for the development of innovative playgrounds which explore new patterns for sharing content, for exchanging experiences and practices, and for interacting together. What type of scenarios, how to create dynamic interactions triggering "interesting" behaviors and exchanges, how to design system of rules for these specific worlds embedded in the physical realities?
Your mentor : Yves Bernard.
Develop this context : mEYEtime, extended with interactive modules.

Workshop 4 : Enhanced TV
Imagine a world where there are two kinds of media power : one comes through media concentration, where any message gets authority simply by being broadcast on network television; the other comes through grass-roots intermediaries, where a message gains visibility only if it is deemed relevant to loose network of diverse publics. Broadcasting will place issues on the national agenda; bloggers will reframe those issues for different publics.
Your mentor : Jensen Dehaes.
Challenge the context : local tv, radio, docside CANVAS (with some reserve).


During the workshops a special environment will be set up in an empty house in the port of Oostende. The framework of this environment is mEYEtime, a shared platform for creative work exploring the playful, emotional and appropriate incorporation of technology into everyday creative practice.

mEYEtime is a surveillance game-platform. It will be proposed to the participants as an unfinished installation, to be completed and defined by them during the workshops in September. It is a toolkit with surveillance cameras, gsm's and a specially designed webplatform.

Participants are invited to appropriate the space and to fill its many rooms with objects of their own. They can install surveillance camera's. Build a world. They can investigate a room and suggest a story. Who is the owner of that room? They can propose a map; suggest some entries; invent some rules. They can design an intervention or system. They can prototype an experience and take it public.

For all further descriptions about the workshops, updates and mentors please check www.cargoweb.org/forum
On this forum you access the form to REGISTER, or go to www.becoming.be/workshopform.php

After registration you will be invited on the info day, 5th of June in Brussels

*** Please forward this mail to anyone who might be interested ***

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