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[Nettime-nl] forthcoming mini-guide book to the EU-quarter of Brussels
rini on Mon, 21 Jun 2004 18:38:32 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] forthcoming mini-guide book to the EU-quarter of Brussels

Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 16:38:22 +0000
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Dear friends,

Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) this year celebrates its seventh
anniversary. In May 1997, CEO set out with releasing "Europe, Inc.",
a report documenting the 'dangerous liaisons between EU institutions
and industry' (later to be followed by a much more extensive book
with the same title, published by Pluto Press).

Seven years later, we are working harder than ever to expose and
counter the threats to democracy, social justice and the environment,
posed by corporations and their lobby groups. These threats have
become no less acute in recent years, as the European Union steadily
drifts towards US levels of corporate control over decision-making.
Combining research, outreach and campaigning, we do our bit to
reverse this process.

You can help us with a donation! Contributors of =8025 or more will
receive our forthcoming mini-guide book to the EU-quarter of
Brussels, with maps, images and text describing the corporate
lobbying labyrinth.

Yours sincerely,

The CEO Team

P.S.: as a registered non-profit organisation in the Netherlands,
(No. 33298822, Amsterdam) all donations are tax-deductible. Donations
can be made direct to our bank account. Please note that bank
transfers within Europe are usually no more costly than within your
own country, if you quote the BIC and IBAN numbers:

Bank: Postbank, Amsterdam
Account no.: 7871040
Bank Identifier Code (BIC)/Swift Code: ING BNL 2A
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): NL03PSTB0007871040

Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), is a European-based research and
campaign group targeting the threats to democracy, equity, social
justice and the environment posed by the economic and political power of
corporations and their lobby groups.

Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO)
Paulus Potterstraat 20
1071 DA Amsterdam
tel/fax: +31-20-612-7023
e-mail: ceo {AT} corporateeurope.org

CEO mailing list
CEO {AT} mailman.corporateeurope.org
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