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[Nettime-nl] UITNODIGING vanavond protoquadro
Floor van Spaendonck on Mon, 28 Jun 2004 14:23:55 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] UITNODIGING vanavond protoquadro

Uitnodiging voor de presentatie Protoquadro- generative digital painting
waar: Waag Society- Nieuwmarkt 4 - Amsterdam- Theatrum Anatomicum
datum: maandag 28 juni 04
Aanvang: 18.00 uur

Federico Bonelli en Maurizio Martinucci (Sub multimedia re_search lab) 
presenteren vanavond protoquadro, een media-programma dat beelden genereert 
en transformeert op basis van schilderprincipes.

Hieronder de tekst van Federico zelf (in het engels en het italiaans- excuus!)
groet Floor

Hallo nice people,
I hope I'm not cross posting, in the case forgive me please :), see you there

  ::: invitation :::

Noi dobbiamo sviluppare la purezza della senzazione e accordarla con la 
concezione moderna della vita
We shall develop the purity of sensation and tune it with the modern idea 
of life

Noi sintetizziamo tutti i momenti (di tempo, luogo, forma, colore-tono) e 
ne costruiamo il quadro. E questo quadro, come organismo indipendente, ha 
una sua propria legge, e gli elementi che lo compongono obbediscono a 
questa legge creando cosi' la somiglianza del quadro con se stesso
We synthesize all instants (of time, place, form, color-tone) and we 
build the painting upon them . And this painting, as an independent 
organism, has its own law, and the elements that made it obey to this law, 
creating as such, the similarity of the painting with itself

- Umberto Boccioni, 1914 -

Protoquadro is a line of research that we are presenting for the first time 
in Amsterdam. The name Protoquadro is a neologism, comes from 'protos' 
greek for "first" and "quadro", italian for painting. NG# is the name of 
the particular generative algorithm that rules it's evolving behavior.

We are looking for ways to create, with current days means and tuterials, 
objects that are equivalent to other functional objects of the past. The 
protoquadro is an evolving audiovisual object which has the function of a 
painting; it is an architectural ambient installation, one of the ways you 
may conceive a contemporary painting; it is an auditive experience 
comparable to a fountain in a park. A protoquadro is a synesthetic audio 
visual entity that transforms the space, the perception of the viewers and 
the intention of the artist.

Protoquadro is a project devised in the laboratory environment of SUb and 
in the koin of the Trasformatorio. This project has been financed by the 
Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, and realized by Maurizio Martinucci (TeZ) 
and Aymeric Mansoux. You can see/hear it the evening of the 28th of june in 
the Anatomic Theatre, de Waag (Nieuwmarkt 4, Amsterdam), from 18:00 
onwards. Free entrance.

For more information visit our site: http://www.submultimedia.tv/ng oremail 
tez {AT} submultimedia.tv

See you there! F

waag society / for old and new media | nieuwmarkt 4 | NL-1012 CR Amsterdam
e: floor {AT} waag.org |  t: +31 20 557 9898 | f: +31 20 557 9880 | www.waag.org

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