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[Nettime-nl] "Chew On This: For Us, Coca Is Life" documentary now online
Leon Kuunders on Wed, 29 Sep 2004 20:49:32 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] "Chew On This: For Us, Coca Is Life" documentary now online

Sorry voor het engels. In het kader van de komst van het Cocamuseum naar
Amsterdam is onderstaand bericht ook voor nettime-nl.


The documentary film, "Chew On This: For Us, Coca Is Life," produced by the
Narco News School of Authentic Journalism video documentary team in
Bolivia's coca-growing Chapare region and City of Cochabamba last month is
now online, gratis, for your viewing, at Salón Chingón:


Filmed and produced in just ten days, "Chew on This" is a masterpiece of
Authentic Documentary Journalism, featuring the voices and faces of the coca
growing men and women of the Chapare, Congressman Evo Morales, coca growers'
leader Leonilda Zurita, former Brazilian Drug Czar Walter Maierovitch, Human
Rights Attorney Rosemarie Acha, coca expert Silvia Rivera, radio journalist
Egberto Winston Chipani, a Bolivian military colonel and many more... It is
a documentary that does not "represent" its subjects, but, rather, in the
spirit of the Authentic Journalism renaissance, provides the forum for the
protagonists on the front lines of the US-imposed "war on drugs" to present
themselves, in their own words.

Viewing and downloading the documentary is gratis... Permission is granted
to broadcast this important news documentary on local TV stations throughout
the world (it is in Spanish, Quechua and Aymara with English subtitles)...
The video includes exclusive footage of a Bolivian military raid on a coca
field last month taken by 2004 Authentic Journalism scholar Eartha Melzer,
with still photos from the same raid by 2004 Authentic Journalism professor
Jeremy Bigwood... The J-School video team - directed by Andrea Daugirdas
Hawes and Barrett Hawes, worked collaboratively with such flair and unity
that we came to call the group "the J-School Bolivarian Circle." It's
members included: Gregory Berger (Mexico), Dan Feder (Mexico), Sarahy Flores
Sosa (Mexico), Zabeth Flores (Mexico), Pablo Francischelli (Brazil and
Argentina), Noah Friedsky (Bolivia), Jacques Gomes Filho (Brazil), Andrew
Grice (U.S.), Sarah Harris (U.S.), Andrea Hawes (U.S.), Barrett Hawes
(U.S.), Leny Olivera Rojas (Bolivia), Gerardo Rojas (Venezuela), Ronald
Sebilo-Tibbits (U.S.) and Ron Smith (U.S.).

Treasurer Andrew Grice of The Fund for Authentic Journalism informs me that
in the coming days The Fund will announce that it makes DVD gift copies of
the video - among other works - available to new donors to The Fund... Stay
tuned for details...

Meanwhile, view it over in the online Screening Room at Salón Chingón...


As one of the local farmer women tells the documentary crew at the end of
the film, expecting more troops and more eradications of her crops: "If they
come, we will fight them."

The immediate history from our América now arrives to you via online video

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