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[Nettime-nl] free media for Iraq: streamtime news
jo van der spek on Sat, 23 Oct 2004 21:49:26 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] free media for Iraq: streamtime news

S T R E A M T I M E - F R E E   M E D I A  F O R   I R A Q
News of  October 23d 2004

Streamtime.org will produce another live transmission on the web of a 
concert of traditional Iraqi music.
Sunday October 24th the festival ‘Iraqi Arts in Amsterdam’ will have its 
festive closing with a concert of
three Iraqi musicians: Saleh Bustan (voice), Jamil Mohammad (kanoon) and 
Latif Al-Obaidi (Ud).

Interviews is Arabic, English and Dutch will be held during the break and 
after the concert.

 From 3 p.m. listen live to maqam and traditonal al-rifi music.
use an mp3 player (e.g. winamp) and open stream with the url

We are using free streaming software by Dyne.org (Dyne:bolic)
The program will later be available for downloading on our web site,
just like all other streams from Halabja, Baghdad and Amsterdam

http://www.streamtime.org  (top right: Last Audio/Video Files)

2. When banditism replaces human aid, Iraqis depend on themselves for 
Message from a familly of Baghdad bloggers

Dear friends..

we started a campaign of fund raising on our blogs,
http://raedinthemiddle.blogspot.com (20th of October)

the money collected will go to the hospitals and families in battle
zone, in Falluja and in other places, we will supply the hospitals
with what they need, and we will promote humanitarian aid to the
famillies whose houses were distroyed in the bombing, or those
who left their houses and are afraid to get back to it because of the
we will supervise the way that all the money is spent, we will keep
receipts for everything, and also pictures for everything we buy and
receipts from hospitals when we deliver anything to them, and from
whoever is in charge of the families in each area...
we will make sure the aid goes to the right hands.
its left to say that every $5 buys a lot of things in iraq, if everyone
donated only $5 we will have a good sum at the end of the day, of
course we wont be so angry if you donated more, some medical equipments
are very expensive.

thank you very much..
take care of yourselves..
ps: please forward this email to as many people as possible...
private mailing from Jo van der Spek, coordinator of Streamtime

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