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[Nettime-nl] Baghdad in Amsterdam a.s. dinsdag
jo van der spek on Wed, 10 Nov 2004 10:42:08 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Baghdad in Amsterdam a.s. dinsdag

Baghdad in Amsterdam

Streamtime nodigt uit voor een ontmoeting met Raed Jarrar uit Baghdad/Amman
a.s. Dinsdag 16 of November bij XminY, de Wittenstaart 43 om 20 uur.

Raed Jarrar is a blogger: http://raedinthemiddle.blogspot.com/
He was leading Emaar, an NGO  project in the south of Iraq to reconstruct 
He worked on counting civilian casualties and did field research on the use 
of Depleted Uranium.
And he managed to finish his study of architecture in Amman.

He comes to Holland to participate in the ICT symposium organized on 
Wednesday 17th by HIVOS, OneWolrd and IICD.
On Thursday 18th there will be a discussion on "digital journalism' in 
Utrecht (Plaza Hotel, near central Station).

We have organized our own meeting in Amsterdam for our friends and contacts.

You are very welcome for an informal meeting and open discussion.

English and Arabic will be spoken.


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