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[Nettime-nl] on the waterfront
H S on Wed, 10 Nov 2004 22:07:39 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] on the waterfront

November 10, 2004 
Opium(TM) is the Religion of the People 

Red, non-linear, and declared all over, McKenzie Wark's latest book A Hacker Manifesto, calls for hackers of the world to unite, minus the capital letters and exclamation points of its communist predecessor. Without flair - the cyber-age has enough distractions - Wark plants kernels for revolt, and insists hackers stand as torchbearers. Regardless of politic or economy, society compromises itself to the interests of property. Only the hacker provides an alternative. The hacker possesses an ethic that doesn't seek to overthrow, but rather to 'permeate existing states with a new state of existence'. Such existence refers to a nature abound with freedom and expression. Wark's hackers aren't just the kids getting free calls from Mama Bell. Rather, hackers are those with vision beyond the actual. Careful not to reiterate the utopias of dotcom prophecies, Wark nonetheless sees a balance shifting from the real of workers production, into the virtual of abstract infor! mation. He calls upon hackers to see their inherent power. Free information and we control our own destiny. - Alyssa Wright 

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