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[Nettime-nl] Programming for Cities, workshop, Amsterdam
Wilfried on Tue, 30 Nov 2004 12:52:33 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Programming for Cities, workshop, Amsterdam

Workshop: Programming for Cities

Friday December 3rd, 3 pm

Public Space With A Roof
Overtoom 301 
1054 HW Amsterdam 
The Netherlands

Free admission


Programming for Cities

"Programming for Cities" is a workshop that reinforces
a long existing link between code and architecture.
Many fine buildings can be reduced to a few lines of
code, and a quick glance backward in time shows that
is a consequence of architectural theory. 

This workshop will start with a short but broad
overview of this longstanding connection between
programming and architecture. After this the basic
elements (about 6 of them) of programming will be
discussed. The main part of the workshop will be
consisting of a hand-on approach to design a city from

Technical skills are not needed for this workshop. No
Computers will be used. This workshop is ideal
precisely for those people who think that programming
is not for them.

Apart from making people familiar with code, which
might break the ice in actually learning a more
conventional programming language, the purposes of
this workshop is to show a method of design that is
driven by internal logic instead of the 'one damn bit
after another' approach more commonly used.      

"Programming for Cities" is given by Wilfried Hou Je
Bek, of socialfiction.org, who has a long history in
developing computational systems without traditional

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