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[Nettime-nl] For those who looove TINKEBELL.
TINKEBELL. on Mon, 7 Feb 2005 13:30:52 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] For those who looove TINKEBELL.

TINKEBELL. is a bit difficult. She's very chaotic and does alot you don't know and (almost) no one sees. These things are especially fun and truly illustrate who TINKEBELL. really is. Because TINKEBELL., besides difficult, can be really nice as well she is going to publish a book. Not just a book with pictures, but a book with all the things you (almost) never get to see. People's reactions and websites which contribute to what defines TINKEBELL, but also letters en reports by TINKEBELL. herself on, for example, the dutch 'artist of the year' contest and how she reached the finals. Projects which where there for just a second and you probably missed and projects which are só cool they deserve to be seen again.

You're probably itching to see this publication or even own it! But there's one tiny problem....MONEY!   TINKEBELL. is looking for sponsors for this publication. To achieve a run of 150 books she needs at least 3000 euros, but the goal is to at least print a 1000 copys. Every small amount is welcome (and every large amount even more). Every sponsor will be named in the publication and on the official TINKEBELL. website (even with a link if that makes you happy, or generous). By visiting http://www.tinkebell.com/sponsor
its very easy to make a donation.
and Ofcourse:
I would be sooo happy!

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