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[Nettime-nl] Spinoza Lezing Bruno Latour, UvA, morgen avond (19 mei)
patrice on Wed, 18 May 2005 17:28:22 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Spinoza Lezing Bruno Latour, UvA, morgen avond (19 mei)

Beetje kort dag, en de eerste hebben we gemist, maar ala...

Spinoza Lezingen Bruno Latour:

?      donderdag 21 april 2005, 20.15 uur

Structure or Network: a Second Look at Gabriel Tarde's Link Between
Philosophy and Social Science

?      donderdag 19 mei 2005, 20.15 uur

What is the Style of Matter of Concern?

Short summaries:

First lecture:

Structuralism remains the mode of understanding of the social sciences
even though many of its promises have not been fulfilled. It's interesting
for this reason to dig in the past and to explore the concepts of Gabriel
Tarde who at the turn of the 20th century ignored the later divide between
philosophy and sociology. He developed a theory of repetition, opposition
and variation that we would now call a theory of event. While it has been
largely abandoned by sociologists over the 20th century, his thoughts have
recently become again of great interest because of the ubiquitous
development of networks. It is thus interesting to see whether his
non-structuralist argument can again be turned to good use. Empirical
philosophy, not to be confused with empiricism, should be able to learn
both from the philosophical tradition and from the methods of the social
sciences. On condition, that is, that the two traditions are not kept

Second lecture:

We know that there is a style for matters of fact, a complex aesthetic
that has been unfolded by art history, religious studies, the history of
technical and scientific illustrations. If it's true that we have moved in
the recent time from matters of fact to matters of concern, it is of great
interest to ponder what is the aesthetic corresponding to a new type of
empiricism. If modernism has a been a historical period and also a style,
what would be a non-modern style, that is a style that would explore how
much modernism has been a peculiar but in no way final description of
objects? By using examples from two international exhibitions Iconoclash
and Making Things Public, it might be possible to illustrate some of the
tentative ways in which this new style might be formulated.

Locatie: de Aula van de Universiteit van Amsterdam, Oude Lutherse Kerk,

Singel 411 (hoek Spui), Amsterdam.

De zaal is geopend vanaf 19.30 uur en de toegang is gratis (reserveren is
niet nodig).

De voertaal is Engels.

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