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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Announcement changes in Local Stop concertThursda
STEIM on Wed, 29 Jun 2005 14:19:24 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Announcement changes in Local Stop concertThursday June 23rd

Due to illness Tim Perkis will not play the local-stop concert this 
time. Scot Gresham-Lancaster will perform 3 solo pieces:

Functions of Permanent Revolution
Sonification of Global Consciousness
Martian Time Slip

Functions of Permanent Revolution (1984) video by VJ Love
This is a mapping of the chronology from Trotsky's "Permanent 
Revolution" and Wilhelm Reich's "Function of Orgasm". The final 
storming of the czar's Winter Palace in 1917 is mapped in time scale to 
the moment of climax described in Reich's work.

Sonification of Global Consciousness
At the Global Conciousness Project (http://noosphere. princeton.edu) 
they have been collecting data from a global network of random event 
generators since August, 1998. The network has grown to about 65 host 
sites around the world running custom software that reads the output of 
physical random number generators and records a 200-bit trial sum once 
every second, continuously over months and years. The data are 
transmitted over the internet to a server in Princeton, NJ, USA. The 
network is accessed via the internet and the instantaneous generation 
of sound or sonificatin of the current state of the network.

Martian Time Slip (dedicated to Jim Horton)
On the arid colony of Mars the only thing more precious than water may 
be a ten-year-old schizophrenic boy named Manfred Steiner. For although 
the UN has slated "anomalous" children for deportation and destruction, 
other people--especially Supreme Goodmember Arnie Kott of the Water 
Worker's union--suspect that Manfred's disorder may be a window into 
the future. In Martian Time-Slip Philip K. Dick uses power politics and 
extraterrestrial real estate scams, adultery, and murder to penetrate 
the mysteries of being and time.
Manfred sense the entropy of the universe as a inner destruction of the 
order inherent in all things. All these things are turning to "Gubbish"


Workshop teachers Robert van Heumen and Roddy Schrock will show some of 
the possibilities of Super Collider and LiSa in a short performance. 
Ranging from sonic bursts to gregorian chants, from melodic melancholy 
to funny voices, from the abstract to the concrete.

Roddy Schrock is a composer who digitally mines the sounds of the 
everyday for the profound, and the glitzy, rough edges of pop music for 
its articulate immediacy. He has lived and worked in Tokyo, The Hague, 
New York, and San Francisco, with performances in the Czech Republic, 
Holland, Japan, and North America. In his live performances Schrock 
finds the underlying essence of music by first hacking found sound to 
microscopic bleeps, next rearranging the shards, then fusing them into 
a new inorganic whole and finally realigning the synthetic and the 

Robert van Heumen is a musician and composer of electronic music, who 
is very active in the Amsterdam improv scene. Being part of the N 
Collective he played with OfficeR (an electro-acoustic sextet searching 
for structures in improvised music) in Berlin, Norway, Amsterdam, and 
recently he did a tour with SKIF (an all-electronic set with Jeff 
Carey) in New York City. Both his composed and live music can be 
described as a mixture of toys, environmental sounds, voices and 
melancholic melodies, all blended with a certain kind of crackle and 


Date: Thursday June 23rd
Time: 20.30h
Venue: STEIM: Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Entrance: 3 euro
Reservations: email knock {AT} steim.nl

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