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[Nettime-nl] vrijdag/friday 12 Augustus 2005 Den Bosch Radio invasie & R
Tjebbe van Tijen on Thu, 11 Aug 2005 22:31:25 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] vrijdag/friday 12 Augustus 2005 Den Bosch Radio invasie & Radio Ballet 95.2 FM

Invasion of the Radio Listeners

The inner city of den Bosch is a fortress to defend normality. It’s city walls are made to keep out everything, that might stir up the atmosphere of a nice late medieval city: noise, traffic and modern architecture. Succesfully: even the poorer inhabitants of the quarters around the inner city are not visiting it very often. Why do the inhabitants of Den Bosch love their city wall so much? Is it, that they are still haunted by the big trauma of their history, the invasion of the Other, the protestant troups, in 1629 - the end of the ancient great time of the city?

Today the walls defend the city against every use, which is not focused on shopping and consuming. The exchange of commodities and its dispersed repetition of always the same rituals and gestures has become the only purpose of the inner city area: walking, stopping, exchanging goods. When it is over, life vanishes immediately. Any kind of difference or even deviancy is banned from this island of normality – like in every european inner city. Usually this does not even need force. Usually normality is in the majority and the difference is an “abnormal” singular case, that can easily be detected, isolated and excluded.

Radio Invasion
But what is happening, if the abnormal behavior is spreading out? What happens, when an invisible association of people invades in the inner city and behave different? What, if it infiltrates the dispersed repetition of normal gestures with slightly deviant ones – not only here, but here and there and everywhere? The artist group LIGNA invites you to find answers to these questions out in the streets – simply by using your radio!
No fortress wall can stop radio waves from dispersing everywhere. Radio listeners look like everybody else - but they are different: with their antenna they are connected to the invisible publicity of the ether. They are part of a constellation of listeners, which does not appear, until it shows effects: certain gestures, that are not normal, a behavior, that is slightly different from the rest – and which is spread by radio all over the city.

On Friday, August 12th LIGNA invites everybody to explore the strange space, that the radio waves open in the heart of Den Bosch. Participate in the LIGNA Radio Ballett! On the frequency of Radio Boschtion, 95,2 (??) Mhz you can hear a radio broadcast, that suggests gestures and excercises, that question the rules of the public space of the city.

Don´t miss the uncanny radio invasion!
Become an alien in an alienated world!
Dissémination partout!

Start of the broadcast 17:00.
Gather at the entrance of Theater a/d Parade at 16:45. Pick up a radio and tune in!

Questions or comments? Write to: radioballett {AT} gmx.net

Tjebbe van Tijen

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