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[Nettime-nl] IMPAKT AWARDS 2005 (Modified by Geert Lovink) [u]



After an enervating 16th issue of the Impakt Festival, the time has come to take stock. As of old, the visitors of this year’s festival could indulge in ‘Adventures in Sound and Image’. A varied exhibition, the Panorama program, the three Dutch Masters, Matthias Müller, Touching Politics and various other programs offered the public a broad range of films and videos. Many of the works had their Dutch premiers during the festival. These works were eligible for an Impakt Award. The total prize money was 6000 Euro. After having viewed the works and having consulted each other lengthily, the jury, consisting of Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Astria Suparak and Ranti Tjan, came to the following decision.

This year, four works receive an Award and two works are given an honourable mention. The jury has decided to grant two different films a Silver Impakt Award. Two other films win a Golden Impakt Award.

Review * Jenny Perlin (USA 2004, video, 02:25 min)
What I'm Looking For * Shelly Silver (USA 2004, video, 15:00 min)

Rogue state * Dave Griffiths (UK 2003, video, 02:15 min)
Kosmos * Thorsten Fleisch (Germany 2004, 16mm, 05:15 min)
Both films are granted 1000 Euro.

Uyuni * Andres Denegri (Argentina 2005, video, 08:00 min)
Quoi de neuf Docteur? * Jean-Charles Hue (France 2004, video, 08:20 min)
Both films are granted 2000 Euro.

In the attached document you’ll find the Jury Rapport.

(For more information on the Impakt Festival, the Award presentation and for stills, please contact Nathanja van Dijk or Arjon Dunnewind at publicity {AT} impakt.nl of 030-2944493)



The Jury of the Impakt Award has decided to bestow four artists with an Impakt Award and two with a honourable mentioning.

Two honourable mentionings are given to:

- What I’m Looking For by Shelly Silver, USA
- Review by Jenny Perlin, USA

Both films deal with the private and the public, and both use art as a place where the disturbing confilict between them creates something new. What I’m Looking For is a reflection on the relation between public space, the internet and the very intimate world of desires. Shot on HD, it also investigates very old questions about documentary filmmaking: the relation between the artist and her object and what photography can reveal about both of them.
Review combines headlines of the war in Iraq with receipts from movie tickets and film rentals as a simple strategy to show how war and cinema exist next to each other in our lives. At the same it investigates the power relation between reading and seeing. The look of 16mm refers to cinema as a public space where you can hide in contrast to the act of reading a newspaper where you read about the public in privacy.
The titles of the two films What I’m Looking For and Review indicate their basic and ongoing interest in the fundamental role of visual arts: How are photography, film, video and the internet an active part of our lives, repeating old questions from different point of views, invalidating the hierarchy between them.

The Jury wants to encourage and applaud the continuous exploration of direct experiments on media. And has used the second prize, the Silver Impakt Award as an opportunity to appeal to artists: Get out from behind your monitors, your decks, and keyboards and TOUCH CINEMA.

The second prize, the Silver Impakt Award will be split amongst two works:

- Kosmos by Thorsten Fleisch, Germany
- Rogue state by Dave Griffiths, UK

Thorsten Fleisch grew crystals on the surface of film. His film Kosmos not only engages the raw material of film with chemical and physical transformation, but it also creates a haptic, cinematic experience. Fleisch refracts light with crystals, then captures the wondrous, ephemeral effects in a media whose key component is light.
And, Dave Griffiths wrote with a magnetized pen on tape stock. Visually, Rogue State is a deceptively aesthetic burst of video confetti. But this innovative descendant of direct cinema is a digital interpretation of a text inscribed on the material; an obscured message only implied by the title.

The jury of the Impakt 2005 has chosen to award two works with the first prize, the Golden Impakt Award. Both films reflect the political situation of modern times, which brings a lot of insecurity and fear in todays world.

The first prize, the Golden Impakt Award will be split amongst two works:

- Uyuni by Andres Denegri, Argentina.
- Quoi de neuf Docteur by Jean Charles Hue, France

Uyuni combines a traditional subject of the relation of two people, with two equal pictures which have been projected over each other. The two voices, of the man and the woman, speak in third person what ensures both distance and involvement. At the background we hear a transmission of the Peruvian radio.
Quoi de neuf Docteur is one of the most alarming films of this year’s festival is a portrait of a French boy who enjoys life to the full. The aggression with which the boy thinks, talks and acts, is shown in a simple documentary style. The camera follows the boy from nearby and the director has won his confidence.

The Jury: Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Astria Suparak en Ranti Tjan
Utrecht, December 11, 2005

Astria Suparak is an artist who also curates for museums, festivals, and bands, including PS1 Contemporary Art Center in New York, the Liverpool Biennial, Kurtzfilmtage Oberhausen, Harvard University, and Anthology Film Archives. She also brings experimental film and video art to non-institutional venues such as skating rinks, ships, sports bars, churches, and elementary schools.
Stefanie Schulte Strathaus is one of the three directors of the Freunde der Deutsche Kimemathek e.V. which supervices Kino Arsenal in Berlin, Freunde der Deutsche Kimemathek Filmdistribution and the International Forum of New Cinema at the Berlin Film Festival.
Ranti Tjan is the director of the MuseumgoudA. Furthermore, he is involved in the Amsterdam Smart Project Space and in museum the Domein in Sittard. From 1996 to 2004, he has been the presentation coordinator of the Central Museum of Utrecht. In that function, he cooperated closely with the likes of Wim T. Schippers, Carsten Höller and Pippiloti Rist.


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T: +31 30 2944493
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U: http://www.impakt.nl

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