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[Nettime-nl] MA Media Design, Piet Zwart Institute
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[Nettime-nl] MA Media Design, Piet Zwart Institute

MA in Media Design
Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Master of Arts in Media Design is a two-year full-time english-language course offered by the Piet Zwart Institute. We are the postgraduate centre for art and design of the Willem de Kooning Academy Hogeschool Rotterdam.

Systems not surfaces
Too often, media design has simply been the arrangement of pixels and plug-ins. For us, the computer and the networks are where dynamics that are aesthetic, social, political, technical, spatial, linguistic, economic and numerical, meet and shape each other. The role of the designer is to track, sort and remix these dynamics in relation to others. Throughout the course, the Internet plays a special role, not only as a platform for experimentation, both also as means for expressing ideas and engaging in networks of related discourse online.

Theory, Practice, Technology
Where software often dominates how work is conceived and carried out, where is the divide between theory, technology and practice? This course is committed to a fundamental revaluation of the division between these terms. We will look for and invent the technology that is in media philosophy; find the conceptuality of an operating system; and design in a way that synthesises the power of all three.

Media Design Research
Connected to the MA programme is that of Media Design Research, hosting a set of projects testing the social and experimental possibilities for networked and computational digital media. Researchers in this programme also act as tutors, guaranteeing a wide range of contacts and insight for students.

We are interested in applications from designers, artists and programmers, and also from people with backgrounds in connected areas such as media studies, mathematics or architecture amongst others.

For participants, work is carried out as a series of group and self-initiated projects. Information on these projects can be found on the website below.
In certain cases participation in single projects may also be arranged.

Students have access to working rooms and a studio in central Rotterdam and use of a laptop and various other specialist equipment.

Application dates for 2004-2005:
In order to give time for visa processing, applications from outside the European Union should be received by May 15. Applications from within the EU should be made by June 30. Whilst later applications can be considered, students from abroad are strongly recommended to apply early to leave enough time for arranging housing, permits etc. Applications from the Netherlands can be received up until August 15

Find more information and application forms at http://pzwart.wdka.hro.nl/

How Much?
Tuition fee for 2006-7 is 1550euro

For further information contact Leslie Robbins, l.j.drost-robbins {AT} hro.nl

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