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[Nettime-nl] morgen {AT} waag society in amsterdam: pirate-killerclub
paul on Thu, 18 May 2006 18:37:35 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] morgen {AT} waag society in amsterdam: pirate-killerclub

ok eigenlijk is dit natuurlijk veel te laat, maar wel met Nederlands intro. morgen is er om 1900 op de waag een ad hoc killer club ter afsluiting van een twee daagse workshop. presentaties van Palle Torsson/Rasmus Fleischer (http://www.piratbyran.org/) over Piratbyrån the pirate bay http://thepiratebay.org/, Mental Rights Management en veel meer. Lawrence Liang van het Alternative Law Forum in Bangalore met 'Beyond representation: The Figure of the Pirate'. Tenslotte gaan Sebastian Lüttgert en Jan Gerber iets over het project piratecinema (http://www.piratecinema.org/) vertellen.

aanvang is 1900h in het theatrum anatomicum van de Waag Society in AMsterdam. entree is gratis, voertaal is engels. deze presentatie is mede mogelijk gemaakt door het EU-India Economic Cross Cultural Programme van de Europese Unie. Noch de inhoud van deze mail noch de presentaties geven de positie van de Europese Commissie weer. kommt allen!

// Shades of the Commons Killerclub

To conclude the Towards a Culture of open Networks workshop there will be a public presentation in Amsterdam by some of the workshop participants. The main presentaion will be by Palle Torsson & Rasmus Fleischer (SWE), who on this Grey Friday we are here to talk about the Piratbyrån, the Pirate Bay and related Scandinavian-based projects, about pirate ontologies, geneaologies and strategies. Multiplication of small habits and grey zoning.
The copyfight is not about piracy or not piracy. Copying is the fact, so the question is about archive architectures, indexing and metadata. Mental Rights Management, the precondition for Digital Rights Management, is a cognitive mapping where the logic of one-way mass-media and is forcefully applied onto the internet. Rather than constructing “compensation systems”, and thereby automatically fall into the rethoric of the boring producer/consumer dichotomy, they stress the need for bypassing the urge for solutions and stability, as the complexity of desiring production is anyway beyond our human capacity to compute. This presentation will be followed by short interventions by Jan Gerber & Sebastian Lüttgert Piratecinema (DE) and a lecture on 'Beyond representation: The Figure of the Pirate' by Lawrence Liang (Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore).

all presentations will be in English
where: Waag building, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012CR, Amsterdam
when: 7 PM - 9 PM , 19 May 2006
waag society | nieuwmarkt 4 | NL-1012 CR Amsterdam
e: paul {AT} waag.org |  t: +31 20 557 9898 | f: +31 20 557 9880

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