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[Nettime-nl] new media postdocs u twente
Geert Lovink on Tue, 23 May 2006 19:12:36 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] new media postdocs u twente

Three full-time Postdoc position for a period of three years for the project Evaluating the Cultural Quality of New Media

The University of Twente is an entrepreneurial research university, located in Enschede, the Netherlands. Distributed over five faculties, the UT offers 20 educational programs ranging from applied physics and public administration to communication studies and biomedical technology.
Research takes place within the context of institutes and focuses, among other things, on nanotechnology, information and communication technology, biomedical technology, policy studies, human behaviour, and mechanics, processes and control.

More than 7,000 students and 2,700 staff members live, work and recreate at the UT, the Netherlands? only campus university.

The Faculty of Behavioural Sciences offers the following Bachelor programmes: Educational Design, Media and Management (EDMM), Communication Studies (TCW) and Psychology (PSY), and the following Master programmes: Educational Science and Technology (EST), Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society (PSTS), Communication Studies (CS), Psychology (PSY) and a Research Master in Social Science. One of its departments is the Department of Philosophy, which specializes in research in philosophy of technology, and includes the Centre for Philosophy of Technology and Engineering Science (CEPTES).

The Department of Philosophy of the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences is looking for

Three Postdocs

Three full-time Postdoc position for a period of three years for the project Evaluating the Cultural Quality of New Media. Towards a Philosophy of Human-Media Relations

About the Overall Project

All three Postdoc positions are part of a prestigious and exciting international research project titled Evaluating the Cultural Quality of New Media. This five-year project, which will include five researchers and involves collaboration with leading international scholars and research centres, is funded by a Vici grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). Vici grants are grants for large, innovative research projects led by outstanding senior researchers. Project leader is dr. Philip Brey. The overall projects has as its aim to develop a framework for better normative analyses of new media and new media culture, especially in relation to their contribution to the quality of life (?the good life?) and the quality of society. Dr. Brey will be working on the project almost full-time.

Postdoc Project 1 - The Quality of Virtual Environments and Tools

This subproject aims to perform a philosophical analysis of the implications of ever increasing virtualization for the quality of life and of society. Virtualization is defined as the digital production of interactive structures that mirror things and events in the physical world. What are the implications of this process for moral and social identity, embodiment, and conceptions of reality, and how can these implications be normatively evaluated?

Postdoc Project 2 ? The Quality of Computer-Mediated Practice

This subproject focuses on computer-mediated social practices in friendships, love relationships, and community life. Increasingly, the social world is held together by electronic networks. More and more, communication, social relationships, and community formation take place over such networks. The aim of the project is to perform a philosophical analysis of the implications of this trend for the quality of life and of society.

Postdoc Project 3 ? The Quality of Digital Information

This subproject focuses on the changed value of information after the digital revolution. It will analyze various conceptions of the value of information, including liberal conceptions that emphasize its role in enhancing autonomy, communitarian conceptions that relate it to the well-being of communities and society, and culturalist conceptions that emphasize the aesthetic, moral or spiritual value of information. It will then analyze positive and negative appraisals of the impact of the Internet and other digital media relative to these ideals.


For all three projects: A PhD degree or equivalent degree in philosophy. Consideration will also be given to candidates with a multidisciplinary PhD degree on a topic relevant to the project and some background in philosophy. Demonstrable interest in philosophical issues relating to information technology and new media. Good analytical skills. Good communication skills in English, in writing as well as orally. Creativity, open-mindedness, and ability to develop new ideas.

For project 1: Preferred areas of specialization: ethics, social and political philosophy, metaphysics, philosophy of mind.

For project 2: Preferred areas of specialization: social and political philosophy, ethics.

For project 3: Preferred areas of specialization: social and political philosophy, ethics, epistemology.


For all three projects: A three-year full-time Postdoc position starting August 15th, 2006. The gross salary depends on experience and qualifications and will be in between ? 3,024 and ? 4,140.- per month (between ? 39,554.- and 54,151.- per annum including vacation pay). All three positions come with a budget of up to ? 10,000,- for travel and conference attendance.

Information and application

A description of the overall project, the three subprojects and a FAQ can be retrieved from http://www.ceptes.nl/vici. Applicants are advised to read these texts carefully before applying. The project leader, dr. Philip Brey (e-mail: p.a.e.brey {AT} utwente.nl), will be happy to answer questions about the project.

Your application should contain the following documents: a letter of application which explains your interest in the position at some length as well as your qualifications, a curriculum vitae which includes the names and email address/telephone number of at least two academic references, an abstract and table of contents of your dissertation, at least one chapter from your dissertation, and two academic publications (if available).

You application can be sent by e-mail (preferred) or by normal post to dr. ir. J.F.C. Verberne (e-mail: pz-gw {AT} gw.utwente.nl), managing director of the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, University of Twente, PO Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede, the Netherlands. Vacancy number 06/043, Please mention the project number.

Your application should be in by May 26. Job interviews will be held between June 1 and 14 (travel expenses will be paid).

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