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[Nettime-nl] okno public01: wednesday 24/5
[OKNO-events] on Wed, 24 May 2006 10:39:48 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] okno public01: wednesday 24/5

just a little reminder ... okno public01 is starting today, wednesday 24/5 at 01.50 pm sharp!


**1.50pm: Three Monochromes: Red / Bruno S.performance by Stefaan Quix**
Quix is performing a 10-hour version of his latest work: âThree Monochromes /RGBâ: an audiovisual composition exploring the transmedial use of graphic scores, the possibilities of local stochastic elements in âstrictâ compositions andthe blurring of the boundaries between piece/installation/environment when using very long timelines. To be savoured with headphones. 

**3pm: round table debate:Beauty in the age of digital art; aesthetic, poetic or rhetoric**
Moderators: Maja Kuzmanovic (FoAM) and Michael Samyn (Tale of Tales) 
"Let's talk about aesthetics. In many contemporary cultural circles, beauty issubordinated to grand statements, elaborate concepts, social context, critical theory or technological functionality. We think it might be time to reacquaintourselves with it. Collective, digital, disembodied or embodied, abstract or figurative, connected or disconnected, what do digital artists consider beautiful?Do we even remember how to talk about it? " 
With Guy van Belle (Society of Algorithm, mxHz.org), Auriea Harvey (Tale ofTales), Lawrence Malstaf, Dirk Paesmans (Jodi).

**4.30pm: Inflatable Meeting Roomperformance by FoAMâs Lina Kusaite and Cocky Eeck**
An inflatable sculpture develops into a public experiment. A slowly expanding'creature' transforms into an efficient, intimate meeting room, where the bodies of visitors are pressed but heads are free to meet. 

**5pm: round table debate:Transdisciplinary practices**
Moderator: Elke Van Campenhout (etcetera, nadine) 
Elke Van Campenhout will be moderating a debate on transdisciplinary practicesaccording to the carousel principle.  A slightly different question will be put to each of the participants, focusing on their personal positioning in the field oftransdisciplinary arts. How is their work situated between different disciplines? Where and how do they present their work to the outside world? What does itmean for an artist/programmer/policy maker to wade through the troubled waters of the in-between? 
With: Patricia Portela (performance and theatermaker), Christophe Deboeck(audiostore), Eric Georges (rÃseau citoyen), Femke Snelting  (Constant)

**7pm: launch of .x-med-a. Magazine**
The review originated from a series of technically and artistically diverse workshops, organised by four independent technological arts initiatives in Brussels: nadine, okno, FoAM and iMAL. The workshops responded to the need for a place where continuous learning and dialogue between peers is encouraged, with the objective of sharing of experience, skills and knowledgeamong diverse groups interested in emerging ideas, media and technologies.

**9.30pm: Das Netz / the Neta film by Lutz Dammbeck **
What do mathematics, biological systems and the âUnabomberâ have incommon? What links these people, places and ideas in a network? The search for ananswer takes us back to the 40s, 50s and 60s of the last century, during which the foundations of modern life were redefined by cybernetics, multimedia art andmilitary research. This provided the basis for machine systems which are now networked throughout the world, governed by mathematics, logic and binarycodes. "Das Netz" shows some of the agents in these systems.

.. and not to forget: okno public01 ONLINE!

We would like you to participate by receiving our audiovisual stream and joining us in the irc chat to discuss and reflect upon the onsite panel. Our chat will be beamed next to the panelists and we hope to find many instances to interact and contribute to the conversations. Our goal is to connect practices and territories, bringing into question different aspects of these processes of cultural production.

We would be very pleased if you can join us online. All round table discussions and IRC chats are scheduled daily between 3pm and 7pm CET.
Stream and IRC chat can be jointly followed at http://okno.be/live

okno public01 onsite 
24 > 26 may 2006, daily from 3pm > 01am

 {AT}  matrix art project â koolmijnenkaai 30/34 â 1080 Brussels â Belgium
metro Graaf van Vlaanderen / Comte de Flandres ::: tram 18

okno public01 online  {AT}  http://okno.be
audiovisual streaming & IRC chats,  daily from 3pm > 01pm on   http://okno.be/live
check site for all other links and updates
info {AT} okno.be

okno is supported by the Flemisch authorities, the VAF (Flemisch Audiovisual Fund) and the VGC (Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie)

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