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[Nettime-nl] Radio LIGNA / Radioballet / Sept 2nd 13:30h
Josephine Bosma on Sat, 26 Aug 2006 07:43:35 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Radio LIGNA / Radioballet / Sept 2nd 13:30h

LIGNA invites

I Am(not)sterdam

10 Exercises to get the City out of your Body

Saturday September 2nd | 13.30 pm

Radio Patapoe 88.3 FM and Radio Ruigoord 90.3 FM
Location: Leidsestraat

Bring your own radios and mobile phone receivers!
Radio receivers also distributed at De Balie, Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen
10, Amsterdam.

I Am(not)sterdam - 10 Exercises to get the City out of your Body ________________________________________________________________

Amsterdam Inc.
In the streets of Amsterdam, we are not only inhabitants or visitors
of the city, but we also are part of a brand, that blends the
individual being and the city into a common identity: „I amsterdam“.
There is no being in the city without being the city. The public
sphere becomes the showroom for the new brand Amsterdam.

Deviant Behaviour
The appearance of the inner city as showroom is a product of
sanitizing policies, eviction, surveillance and control. The latter
is not only executed by police, and security personnel, but also by
ourselves, as we have internalized modes of self-control and “proper”
behaviour. In the beat of the corporate city we confirm this logic by
simply repeating the same set of fixed gestures again and again:
walking around, stopping, looking in the shop windows, exchanging
money for commodities. No rule is needed forbidding deviation:
individual deviation is already part of the city branding. 'I
amsterdam' means diversity. But what happens if we fail to repeat
these gestures, and invent alien gestures on a collective scale? Can
we, as inhabitants and visitors of Amsterdam, intervene in its
regulated urban rhythm without becoming incorporated in the city’s

Radio ballet
The Radio Ballet I Am(not)sterdam challenges you to find an answer!
The radio ballet consists of a radio broadcast, especially produced
for the Leidsestraat. It will suggest 10 different exercises to get
the city out of your body. As a dispersed collective of participants,
we perform deviant gestures (according to the script of the radio
ballet), which would normally be impossible to do on an individual
basis. Can we subvert the logic of the corporate city, by not
subjecting ourselves to it anymore?

Come and find out!
Be part of the Radio Ballet in the
Leidsestraat on Saturday, 2nd of September 2006!

I Am(not)sterdam! Dispersed collectivity instead of common identity!
Don´t subject to the corporate city - become alien by public radio

more info somewhere on www.debalie.nl <<<<<<<<<<


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