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Rini Hartman on Thu, 31 Aug 2006 10:51:25 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Fwd: URGENT: Student Needs A European University Sponsor for Fulbright Puppetry Project (by SEPT 5th)!

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rini hartman

A student at Northwestern University, who applied for a Fulbright
Scholarship to a university in Norway, has had the connection to the
school fall through at the last minute.  She is without sponsorship even
though she has all the details worked out for the program she wants to
do, has her travel and living expenses covered, has met the academic
criteria for a Fulbright, and is prepared to take total responsibility
for herself with no risk or liability for the sponsoring university.
Finding a university / department / professor to sponsor her before next
Tuesday, 5, September is a tall order, but I believe in her work so IÂm
giving it a shot with you.

Her program is in puppetry, especially in the use of that theater medium
to address tough health issues like AIDS, child abuse, and bullying with
audiences ranging from children and adolescents, parents and families,
and administrators and healthcare professionals.  She would like to
connect with a university in Europe that has a strong Theater Arts /
Science AND Public Health curricula although it is not necessary to have
sponsorship from both.

Thanks so much for any thoughts you may have on this request.

If you can think of someone or can yourself be of help,  please contact
Steve Bosserman (stevebosserman {AT} yahoo.com) and the student herself, Maya
Nadison (m-nadison {AT} northwestern.edu) Which needs to happen before NEXT
TUESDAY, Sept. 5th.

Warm regards,
Steve B.)

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and group life. Instead of an isolated individual, the artist serves as
a cultural catalyst of social intervention and transformation.

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such as the boundaries between self and other, 'artist' and
'non-artist', present and past, male and female, young and old, 'normal'
and 'abnormal'. The social artist builds upon the power of artistic
creation and expression to spark new ideas, catalyze critical thinking,
elicit new actions, inspire individuals and create visions.

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If we want respect, love and beauty among us and others, we must actively
promote it through our art.


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