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[Nettime-nl] Belgrade Tourist Info Point, 13 - 15 dec. 2006 {AT} De Balie,
Eric Kluitenberg on Wed, 13 Dec 2006 00:20:14 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Belgrade Tourist Info Point, 13 - 15 dec. 2006 {AT} De Balie, Amsterdam / Domoladine, Belgrade, programma en aankondiging

geachte nettime-nl'ers,

Als onderdeel van het drie-daagse programma "A Rough Guide to Belgrade", 13 t/m 15 december 2006 in De Balie, Amsterdam, zal Vladimir Jeric (Darkwood Dub) de gastheer zijn van zijn Belgrade Tourist Info Point in de bar / foyer van De Balie. Een walk-in installatie and live streaming project, dat een semi-permanent link legt met het Domoladine cultuurcentrum in Belgrado en met internet. Hieronder volgt de programma-informatie.

Exacte addressen van live streams worden via de website van het project bekend gemaakt - zie:

Voor Balie live streams vanuit het Tourist Info Point en andere onderdelen van het Rough Guide to Belgrade programma:

Porgramma-overzicht van A Rough Guide to Belgrade:

vriendelijke groet,


FWD - Announcement:

From:  Vladimir Jeric
Date: December 12, 2006 12:49:08 GMT+01:00
Subject: Belgrade Tourist Info Point program and announcement

dear all,

here is a small program we run  {AT} amsterdam these days attached.
there is also a small website emerging at the address
http://a-rough-guide.net/en/belgrade_tourist_info_point (powered by

you may even join, if you have some internet, skype and camera
installed and nothing better to do. just search for "a-rough-guide" skype

all the best,


"Only the unemployed can travel without being the tourists."
Marko Ko_nik, OPERABIL, video lecture/performance

13 - 15 December, 2006

The liminal (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liminality) state of Belgrade
today can not be perceived easily and without a prior knowledge of the history of this dynamic place. The aim of this program is to rely both on the presentation of the works and initiatives already existing and the possible perspective of the networked society of tomorrow in which Belgrade as a node will search for it's position and orientation. This program would not be a traditional presentation - it will rather be an occasion to communicate, remix the past and speculate the future.

It consists of the following modules, which can be re-ordered, excluded or remixed according to the occasion, aim and technical conditions at hand.

1.1 WELKOM...
2. CLIPBOARD 2.0 (De Balie, bar)
4. RGTB/BTI web site

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------


This communication tool consists of a camera/computer/video beam/ broadband system placed in De Balie (a cafe/bar downstairs) and the complementary system placed in Dom Omladine (Maverick cafe on the 1st floor).

Why bar? Bars and cafes are the things one remembers after a short visit to a new environment, a places where you can have a short rest and refreshment or just ask around for the direction, a person or the place. Where you can start conversation with strangers with unpredictable results. Spaces to quietly meet with someone or to have a loud party with your friends. Places to incidentally make the deal of your life, or to get robbed. Some people sit alone in cafes, read or contemplate. No two bars are the same. All the bars are the same.

1.1 WELKOM... (during all 3 days) http://a-rough-guide.net/en/belgrade_tourist_info_point/welkom

The cameras should be oriented to look trough the windows viewing Leidseplain in De Balie's bar (which from the right angle can look like your usual gezellig Amsterdam bar), and trough the big windows in Dom Omladine, which from the right angle can show the bit of a cityscape. The angle should be wide, covering as many tables and guests as possible, yet allowing somebody to approach and to be in the close-up if one decides to do so. The observers should not see themselves in the monitor or the frame, just the other side. Gradually they should realize that they are also being observed. It is not the aim to produce the feeling of uneasiness when somebody realizes that is being monitored by the people s/he does not know, rather the factor of randomness and the incidental encounters, eye gaze towards the camera in a frame of two, that split second of the awareness of the other side watching is what is of interest here.

There might be the opportunity to view both streams side by side at the project's site, a-rough-guide.net.

1.2 BELGRADE {AT} FLICKR (during all 3 days) http://a-rough-guide.net/en/belgrade_tourist_info_point/belgrade_flickr

On another display, five video beams will project on the five windows on the 1st floor of De Balie, and there will be occasionally a screening of photo stream/slide show of Flickr images with beograd/ belgrade tags. There are about 15 000 images tagged this way so far, and, if nothing, the results will be really unpredictable... The idea is to let observers lead the approach in determining, or interpreting the space - I guess a lot of the images were being shot and uploaded by foreigners who visited Belgrade - tourists, in a way - and to let the observers around central Amsterdam to become another circle of observers, who are offered an already randomized, personal and "filtered" view of the city, but no framework or key to interpret the images.


This same video platform as in WELKOM program will be used for some "remote" presentations and possible discussions. In this occasion we want to present the activities of slobodnakultura.org this way, but the platform can be expanded to present more and provide discussion about different issues with other content producers, artists and activists.

On De Balie side there will be Paul Keller (Creative Commons NL Project Lead) to share the experiences from Netherlands with emerging Serbian initiative. This would correspond to the additional Creative Commons events in the program (a rough-guide.net web site, CC lounge) and may be of a real and practical help to members of slobodnakultura.org.

Slobodnakultura.org is a meta - organization, a collective consisting of different organizations and individuals with more then 100 members. The lowest common denominator of all the parties involved is free culture (slobodna kultura). The organization just got the permission from Creative Commons International for localization and porting of CC licenses into Serbian law. This is perceived as very important for the community and the society as a whole.

1.4 CC LOUNGE (during all 3 days)

Creative Commons Lounge was developed some time ago, while attending meetings and panels organized by slobodnakultura.org and similar initiatives. Wherever there is a meeting or a conference of some kind, there is a cafe or bar nearby or attached to the venue where people take their time to rest, relax, think things over or just have a private conversation over coffee. Additional reason to develop the program was to offer cafe owners a worry-free and copyright-free music selection, in exchange for the possibility to distribute flyers and brochures explaining the guests what they are listening and the basics of Creative Commons initiative. All that in hope that it will popularize the very concept of "some rights reserved" approach further. De Balie's bar will be transformed during the days of the presentation into a CC Lounge place, by playing already selected CC music and distributing purpose-made flyers in Serbian, according to the audience expected. The music should not be too loud, and should not prevent the regular small talk/conversation in the bar.

2. CLIPBOARD 2.0 - live from de balie (geert lovink: TBA, eric kluitenberg/vladimir jeri_ vlidi: 14.12, 15:00, paul keller: 15.12. 18:00)
audio stream/podcast
http://a-rough-guide.net/en/belgrade_tourist_info_point/ clipboard_2_0_live_from_de_balie

A debut of original CLIPBOARD broadcast/podcast series was in Amsterdam, April 2005, during De Appel's Radiodays program. Now there comes a sequel with the same participants from Amsterdam theoretical/ network cultures/activist scene, but from another location, De Balie, and with slightly different set of topics/questions and a different moment-in-time angle. Interesting turnover is that the author of the Clipboard series of interviews will be interviewed by Eric Kluitenberg this time.

It will be streamed as a live conversation and archived for podcast, because the situation of "going live" gives different "feel" and atmosphere then a "record/edit" one, for both the participants and listeners. Formulations and articulations seem to differ from written or edited versions and seem to be shorter, more direct and understandable by the wider audience. A live stream and a podcast should be available on the project's site.

more: copyleft/copyright issues, creative commons license, legislation in the digital domain, digital authorities, digital politics, the right to copy&paste, models and approaches to ownership/ user rights/royalties, digital clone/analog copy, market and commercial issues, piracy - how and if piracy is contributing in bridging the gap between hi tech societies and the rest of the world, is culture and communication supposed to be free for all the people as an axiom, open source discussions and legal/ethical issues...self- education as a right/obligation, are the wikipedia, MIT opencourseware, google and alike a models for a future education and how it is being used today, the position of institutionalised education, does possession of the means to distribute knowledge means the ownership on the knowledge, self-organisation of the self- educated...is globalization bad, and why? what's the problem with same-language-all-accessible-all sharing global network? who owns the data, who owns the bandwidth? do you, and your work, officially exist if not being visible by google? can we trace back the politics and money flow and do a forensics on how our new digital world turned out to be parceled and owned BEFORE we inhabited it?

3. SMALL TALK (meet some of the Belgrade tourist officers here, presentation, discussion and videolink)
(13.12, 19:00)
http://a-rough-guide.net/en/enr/belgrade_tourist_info_point/ prezentaccije

This should be an informal presentation of a few publications and "unofficial" discussion with a few actors of what can be described as a layer of independent content providers constantly active troughout the years, producing a critical and theoretical journals and debates aside or in the occasional collaboration with official institutions. The publications to be presented are the first issue of Prelom Journal in English, published by Prelom Kolektiv and dealing with the issues of Yugoslav politics, postsocialism and critique in contemporary art, and TkH (Walking theory), Journal for Performing Arts Theory:Self-organization issue, published by TkH Centre for performing Arts and Bitef Theatre. Also, the issues connected with the emerging self/organized networks such are slobodnakultura.org and druga scena.net will be discussed ...

Vesna Mad_oski and Jelena Vesi_ from Prelom Kolektiv, Bojan _or_ev from TkH (A Walking Theory), and Vladimir Jeri_ Vlidi presenting slobodnakultura.org - live {AT} De Balie. VOIP video-link will be established with people from Belgrade: members of Prelom Kolektiv (Du_an Grllja, Dragana Kitanovi_ and others), TkH (Ana Vujanovi_, Sini_a Ili_ and others) and slobodnakultura.org (Milica Gudovi_, Milo_ Ran_i_ and others), including all of the other people interested.
All of the organizations are the part of newly formed self-organized network DrugaScena.net.

The idea is to represent this cultural activities and content "in vivo", on the very way it is functioning in usual everyday practice, as we do meet in bars, cafes and apartments and use personal networks and private discussions to both propose and negotiate content and discourses and to reflect on it once it is being established and realized. This myriad of micro-conversations and mutual relationships and opinions is creating the platform acting like a bigger entity, a network not layered over but emerging from living practice of the people involved.

4. RGTB/BTI (A Rough Guide to Belgrade/Belgrade Tourist Info) web site
Members of slobodnakultura.org just launched a project site at the address

Technical realization:
Milica Gudovic
Marko Dordevic
Vladimir Jeric - Vlidi
for slobodnakultura.org-drugascena.net

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