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[Nettime-nl] C'lick Me - Netporn Festival - 2 Juni - Paradiso
Marije Janssen on Thu, 3 May 2007 14:42:23 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] C'lick Me - Netporn Festival - 2 Juni - Paradiso

Public Display of Internet Pornography
2nd International Netporn Festival
Paradiso, Amsterdam ? Saturday, 2 June 2007, 1pm to 5am

C?LICK ME is an event to investigate internet pornography in a
non-conventional way. We are looking forward to a queer event without any
rigid queer correctness (as queer doesn?t always mean good porn!). We want
to re-think the society of the netporn spectacle: the digital zeitgeist
that has given us a hypersexual body. What to do with our bodies and
digital machines? Pornography has found its way into every nook and cranny
of the Internet, but how can we still be queer radicals or body artists,
private hedonists or fervent bloggers in this climate? Do we still need to
have a sanctified space like an underground or a dungeon, when we produce
desire with our floating networked bodies? Porn went porn-chic years ago.
Today netporn goes into Myspace bedrooms and everyday ?realcore?.

C?LICK ME is not only netporn displays, but strategies of public
engagement and sharing thoughts about netporn. While creating a visibility
of desire, we try to experiment with a new ?invisibility? of identities.
>From the era of queer communities, we move into the culture of crossbreed
pornography. Even amongst those horny mobs targeted by the netporn
industry giants, people cherish their own queer varieties. Netporn means
the messy process of personal affections and anomalies melting into the
databases of porn masses. In the era of pornification of mainstream
imagery, there is no more society without netporn, but a lot has to be
done to sexualize the critical ?multitudes?. Queer and net activists,
theorists and artists once again gather in Amsterdam to discuss the
growing pains of autonomous culture zones, but also netporn as sexwork,
production of affective commodities and one of the biggest global markets.

C?LICK ME wants to create a networked debate, continuing the discourse
started with the first Netporn Conference in 2005 and connecting to other
experiences across Europe and elsewhere, like the Porn Film festival and
the Post Porn Politics symposium both held in Berlin in 2006. What does a
?post-porn politics? mean after entering the digital realms of the network
society? And what will be the destiny of the porn genre in the age of the
affective technologies? Before brainstorming the dissolution of porn into
commodities or its future explosion in global conflicts, our specific DIY
contribution is an anti-essentialist and intoxicated event, with input
from new publics, with a nostalgic embrace of (post) punk wet dreams and
sex revolutions. Most of all, C?LICK ME invites you to experience the
sexual evolution of the digital generation.

Your stimulators,
Katrien Jacobs, Matteo Pasquinelli and Marije Janssen


Day program

C?LICK ME day program will feature an international selection of speakers
from various disciplines presenting their views and thoughts in a
performative setting. Guests, among others, are American film producer,
sex blogger and writer Audacia Ray, multi-media artist and musician Terre
Thaemlitz, post-porn theorist and performer Tim Stuttgen, 21 century
activist Francesco Palmieri ?Warbear?, and genetic pornography demagogue,
Adam Zaretsky. Visitors and participants will meet during the dinner,
especially designed by food artist Patrick Faas for C?LICK ME.
The day program will be hosted by Nat Muller.

Evening program
The evening program features video and film screenings, which includes the
European premiere of Audacia Ray?s film The Bi Apple, the (least) favorite
porn scenes brought to you by participants and celebrities, the bareback
monologues and a soiree of irreverent porn acts. The evening program will
be hosted by Bahram Sadeghi.

Night program
As the evening turns into night, C?LICK ME invites you to an unforgettable
party with in the main hall: Dj Sprinkles a.k.a. Terre Thaemlitz, live
performances by: Khan of Finland en LeClic and Dj?s Sandrien and Abraxas.
Get sweaty on the dance floor or lose yourself in the underground
atmosphere created in the small hall by the Phag Off collective from Rome
who for the first time will collaborate with Cruise Control queer crew.
Team Plastique will perform live. If this is too much you can relax in the
basement and listen to the whispered dirty stories in the ?For Your Ears
Only? project by SXNDRX.

List of participants:

Audacia Ray
Terre Thaemlitz
Tim Stuttgen
Florian Cramer
Lotte Hoek
Feona Attwood
Sharif Mowlabocus
Adam Zaretsky
Dominik Bartowski

Ticket prices:
Passepartout (including festival dinner) 27,50 euro
Day ticket: 7,50 euro
Evening ticket: 12,50 euro
Night ticket: 12,50 euro

If you would like more information on the program, participants and
practical info, please visit our website:
or myspace:

You can also join our mailinglist to discuss topics with participants:

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