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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] SuperCollider Symposium and Courses
robert van heumen on Tue, 29 May 2007 10:04:52 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] SuperCollider Symposium and Courses

SuperCollider Symposium and Courses
September 17 - 23
The Hague, The Netherlands
Supported by: DCR, <tag>, The Institute of Sonology, STEIM,
SampleAndHold.org, The City of The Hague, Studio Loos, Theater Zeebelt

Beginners and Advanced Workshops
    September 17 - 19
    Tutors: Nick Collins, Julian Rohrhuber, Jan Trutzschler and others to be

Project Presentations, Lectures, Symposium Sessions and Developer Meetings
and Concerts
    September 20 - 22

    Two concerts and a club night including a live-coding jam

Listening Room & Installations:
    During the week or in the weekend.

Submission Deadline: June 18 2007
Notification of acceptance: June 24 2007

For submissions, registration and questions, please contact
sc.symposium.2007 {AT} gmail.com.

Call for presentations and performances
We are now accepting proposals for participation in the second SuperCollider
Symposium, in The Hague, The Netherlands. The Symposium will introduce
SuperCollider (SC) to new users, show the current state of development and
host talks and presentations of projects, in which SC plays an important
role. In addition there will be concerts with music utilizing the software.
The concerts are open to the public.
Email short outlines of possible talks, workshops, projects and performances
(maximum 200 words) to the organisers below by June 18.
Composers and performers, who wish to submit pieces/performance ideas for
the concerts, should also send (if possible) links to web locations of
downloadable audio files, or mail CDs to the address below. For pieces and
performances the following options are available:
- tape pieces for the wavefield synthesis concert
- live electronic pieces with or without instruments or audio-visual
- stereo tape pieces or recordings of live pieces for the listening room
- registration for the live coding jam/competition
- performances for the club night
We would be also happy to receive proposals for (sound) installations.
Regarding performances and installations we might be able to provide players
and/or financial help. Please contact us for more details.

Registration for the beginners course and advanced workshops is on a first
come first served basis.
Course prices are: 120 â (100 â students) 3 day Beginners/Advanced
Participants will usually have their own laptops. However, a limited number
of Macs will be available. Please specifically request if you will need a
computer provided. We are always happy to see Linux users, but we will not
compile your kernel for you, and will not provide Linux computers. And even
Windows is an option if you have your own machine.
Fees for attending the Symposium sessions have not been finalised, and will
be announced shortly, pending funding. Attendance will be free for anyone
giving an advanced workshop.

For more information contact:

c/o Jan TrÃtzschler
De Constant Rebequeplein 20B
NL- 2518 RA Den Haag
The Netherlands

Email: sc.symposium.2007 {AT} gmail.com

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