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[Nettime-nl] IMAutomaat #1 Festival - please post to your lists!
Daniela Swarowsky on Fri, 3 Aug 2007 11:44:06 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] IMAutomaat #1 Festival - please post to your lists!

IMAutomaat #1
Residency & e-Musicfestival
conceived/curated by Daniela Swarowsky
guest-curator 2007 > Oliver Rehak


MO 13 08 07 - FR 17 08 07


Costs: EURO 70.- / 40.- for students and IMA members
Additional costs for materials (Create USB interface) EURO 40.- /90.-

IMAutomaat #1 Festival
FR 17|SA 18 08 07

Kulturfabrik Hainburg/Austria

Participants/Performances by:
Marije Baalman/Mobs (NL), Anne la Berge (NL), Cordula Boeze (A), Alberto de Campo (A),
Guenther Gessert (A), Seppo Gruendler (A), Katharina Klement (A), Slavo Krekovic (SK),
Pei (Taiwan/F), Alejandra Perez Nunez/elpueblodechina (NL/CL), Marek Piacek (SK), Elisabeth Schimana (A),
Andrey Smirnov (RU), Anne Wellmer (NL), Rebekah Wilson (NZ)

This new yearly festival establishes IMA with its home-base in Hainburg as a national as well as international platform, creating a network of media/sound artists. The yearly IMAutomaat festival will give IMA the opportunity to introduce her ideas to a larger audience and build on the network of IMA-members, who will be actively involved along with specially invited guests.

The concept is to invite six artists close to the IMA-pool and link them with a group of international artists for a one weeks period. Intention is to create a platform of like-minded creators in the new- media field coming from a sonic/audioart background. IMA wants to offer a labor situation where specialists/professionals will exchange, interact, communicate, experiment, network and play together and around certain topics. This year’s focus will be “sensors & new musical interfaces”. New formations will be encouraged, new work can evolve and can at a latter stage emanate as a performance or lecture in the framework of the festival to come.

IMA Institute for Mediaarcheology
Erasinweg 23
2410 Hainburg
Tel+Fax: +43 2165 62627

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Daniela Swarowsky // curator/cultural activist
Wolphaertstraat 27B // 3082 BK Rotterdam
+31-6-186-59947// skype ID: daswa00
http://zimweb.nl/ // http://ima.or.at/
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