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[Nettime-nl] Query for documentary footage on media manipulation and con
Martijn van Tol on Wed, 29 Aug 2007 14:36:49 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Query for documentary footage on media manipulation and conflict

Dear listers,
a good friend and I are currently working on a project focussing on the relation between media manipulation and violent conflict. The ambitious aim of the project is to make ordinary citizens in pre-or post conflict zones more aware and resistent to 'hate speech' (for example the hate radio programs that were aired massively to ignite the Rwandan genocide) and use mediatools themselves to achieve this goal and make people more media-and manipulation 'literate'. Underling goal is to make them familiar with the mechanisms at work in the escalating continuum ranging from impoverished living conditions and political instability to scapegoating, identity politics, radical thought all the way to violent conflict.

At this moment we are searching for high quality documentary/feature film footage that could be used for this project. General markers for the query:
--the search for a common enemy (scapegoating) in times of uncertainty and dispair and the process of de-humanising this 'enemy'
--The role of the media in turning ordinary citizens into perpetrators in atrocities
--The persistence of conflicts and how conflicts can actually be in the interests of some parties beit economical or political
--How societies deal with reconciliation and healing after the conflict

Allthough the project will run in Africa, the documentaries need not necessariliy to be about African cases, maybe better not. Please, if you find the time, share your thoughts with us.

Many thanks!
Laurens {AT} holysloot.nl
Martijn van Tol
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