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[Nettime-nl] TONY CONRAD in Brussels
Stoffel Debuysere {AT} argos on Wed, 10 Oct 2007 16:01:22 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] TONY CONRAD in Brussels

ARGOS, centre for art & media, and BOZAR CINEMA (Brussels) present:


One of the pioneers of structural filmmaking, video art, and minimalist music is playing, for the first time in Europe, a re- worked version of his Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Plain (1972). This "minimalist spectacle" features a projected film loop of black and white images, alongside a stellar group of string players. The day after he will present and talk about a range of his films and videos. Two events not to be missed!!

Tony Conrad & guests: Forty-five Years on the Infinite Plain (1972-2007) Sa 13.10.2007 // 20:30 Paleis voor Schone Kunsten / Palais des Beaux-Art // entry fee: 9/7 euro

Created in New York in 1972, the performance Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Plain seems to be the ideal synthesis of Tony Conrad's research: his structural approach to cinema unites with his minimal and open approach to music. Four projectors showing a hypnotic and flashing film loop are joined by musicians, producing continuous sound chords. The result is a suspended audiovisual environment, which is reflective and unravels very slowly; "very meditational and very terrific", as Conrad put it himself. This event creates a great opportunity to live this historic performance, never presented in Belgium, in a revised form : Forty-five Years on the Infinite Plain.

Participants: MV Carbon, Julia Eckhardt, Stefaan Quix, Timo van Luyck, Stefaan Smagghe, Jürgen De Blonde, Els van Riel, Dominica Eyckmans

A Sunday Afternoon with Tony Conrad
Su 14.10.2007 // 18:00

During the last film festival in Rotterdam, Tony Conrad electrocuted a film reel, which produced light flashes and sparks. He then developed the images in a bucket and screened them before a baffled and highly amused audience. Apart from lecturing at Buffalo University, New York, this filmmaker, video maker and musician is also a brilliant pedagogue with an inspiring sense of humour. This event (performance/lecture/screening) is the perfect introduction to Tony Conrad's work, a trajectory through over forty years of radical creation.

next week: KEN JACOBS!
in the context of the ARGOS programme OPEN ARCHIVE #1


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