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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Concert: Turntable Music Night vol.3 with eRikm,
STEIM on Thu, 6 Dec 2007 00:59:19 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Concert: Turntable Music Night vol.3 with eRikm, DJ Lenar and dj sniff

STEIM presents Turntable Music Night vol.3
a night for experimental turntable music

eRikm (FR)
DJ Lenar (PL)
dj sniff (NL/JP)

Date: Thursday, December 13
Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Time: 20.30 hrs.
Entrance: 5 euros
Reservations and more information: knock {AT} steim.nl or 020-6228690

Turntablists in the experimental music and hip-hop turntablism scene rarely interact and the musicians are more likely to disassociate one from the other. But when you see how Christian Marclay picked up the turntable in NY during the mid-70's when hip-hop music was coming downtown from the Bronx, or how the Scratch Perverts took the DJ battle scene by storm in the late-90's with their routines that incorporated techniques common in experimental practices such as mixer feedback, vinyl noise and tapping on the needle, it's hard to say that the two scenes are completely independent of each other.
Our next Turntable Music Night will feature three turntablists working primarily in the experimental/improvisational scene but who in my view serve as important bridges to hip-hop turntablism. eRikm is one of the leading performers in this scene known for his ecstatic real-time collage. DJ Lenar from Poland has been actively working with other improvisors and organizing events. dj sniff has been developing new digital tools that seamlessly integrate the laptop computer into his setup. Whether or not each of these musicians feel any connection to the other turntable practice, the fact that they all requested to use Technics 1200 turntables and are all bringing their own DJ mixer already connects some of the missing links between the two scenes.

check out samples of their work here:
eRikm http://youtube.com/watch?v=7cvWtXFHBCs http://youtube.com/watch? v=K46L1cwxxXc&feature=related
DJ Lenar http://www.myspace.com/djlenar
dj sniff http://www.djsniff.com/videos/keirsniff1_play.html

Ever since he started back in 1992, eRikm has instinctively followed a relatively unusual, even risky, career path. Stemming from his interest in visual arts and his first musical experience as a rock guitarist, he has for some years now become steadily more and more renowned for his virtuoso turntabling and his use of electronic instruments and tools in an integrated scenic set-up. eRikm has followed up musical collaborations with Voice Crack, Christian Marclay, Luc Ferrari, among others. He is certainly one of the better equipped artists of the new generation to actually demonstrate a relationship between rock music (in its widest sense) and contemporary music; hiding behind neither cultural camouflage nor an easy pandering to his audience. The originality of his style stems from the duality between his experimentations in sound material, its envelope and its tessiture, and his work and taste for the anecdote, the reference. His interest in other forms of artistic expression being the terrain on which he builds the images conveyed by his music. This huge reservoir he has filled for himself has captivated all the artists he has worked with.

eRikmâs recording career and musical encounters rapidly affiliated him into the chaotic dynamics of the improvised music scene, helped by his very visual style of listening. But today he has begun to leave behind his status of noise-dj and vinyl sculptor, turning towards more solitary work, integrating into his music new technologies and applying lessons learnt from his multifarious musical experiences. His primary aim is no longer simply to quote his system of references but to create for himself a bank of singular material to compose without referring to other works. eRikm is now approaching a subtle abstraction, a new electronic position : like a pause in the contemporary sonic agitation, in opposition to this, a desire to weave a musical oeuvre whose intricacies are easy to follow, easing the listener into the vistas of his composition, without exaggerated technical or intellectual posturings.

DJ Lenar
Associated with independent label LadoABC, DJ Lenar develops and promotes turntablism with his project Deckonstrucja, a series of DJ- instrumentalist meetings that connect abstract hip-hop, plunderphonics and various types of instrumental music. He is also the co-organizer of Djazzpora, a concert series for improvised music in Warsaw. Without falling into any particular style, his music searches for curiosities in all types of music through methods of free improvisation. He plays with a dj setup, loopstation, vinyl records and a computer.

dj sniff
For the last several months dj sniff has been developing his crossfader-triggered sampler cut'n play. This allows him to instantaneously capture and reconstruct sounds from the turntable into new rhythmic forms. Now a digitally mediated but spontaneous dialog with the recorded past becomes the driving force for his improvisations.

This concert series is partly funded by Gemeente Amsterdam.

More information on concerts: http://www.steim.org/steim/activity.php

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