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[Nettime-nl] VIDEO VORTEX WORKSPACE: FLOSS Manuals Workshop #1 :: PureDa
Marieke Istha on Thu, 6 Dec 2007 11:11:38 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] VIDEO VORTEX WORKSPACE: FLOSS Manuals Workshop #1 :: PureData, December 13 by Derek Holzer and Adam Hyde

FLOSS Manuals Workshop #1 :: PureData
Derek Holzer and Adam Hyde
Dec 13, 10:00 - 18:00
Free, limited placement (8 maximum)
booking: malka {AT} nimk.nl
Please bring your own laptops to the workshop!

Do you wish to learn about how to use PureData? Internationally renown PureData workshop leader Derek Holzer will lead you through the basics of PureData in a special FLOSS Manuals workshop on Dec 13 at the Netherlands Media Art Institute. The placement is free but limited to a maximum of 8 people.

The workshop will concentrate on an introduction to the concepts behind PureData and how to use it for simple sound and data processing. You need no previous experience with PureData however you will need to bring a laptop with PureData already installed.

This workshop is also the first of a series of workshops organised by FLOSS Manuals which look at how to integrate learning and documentation. These workshops are investigating how to incorporate creating documentation into the workshop flow to better increase the participants understanding of the software while also creating documentation to assist others. Participants will be taken through a quick introduction on how the FLOSS Manuals system works by founder Adam Hyde, and an overview of some simple tips on how to write material to help others. At the end of the workshop participants will be asked to write some simple things they have learned into the FLOSS Manuals PureData manual. The manual is to be launched early 2008 online and in printed form under free licenses and all contributions will be credited.

Adam is an artist with an international practice who works with software, online audio and video, sound art, new technologies and more traditional forms of broadcast. In 2006 Adam founded FLOSS Manuals Stichting for the development of a collaborative platform for manuals on free software. The project has been awarded a grant from Digitale Pioneers (Amsterdam) and Adam is currently working developing the platform at FLOSS Manuals (http://www.flossmanuals.net).

Derek Holzer is a sound artist with a background in radio, webstreaming and environmental recording. His work focuses on capturing and transforming small, unnoticed sounds from various natural and urban locations, networked collaboration strategies, experiments in improvisational sound and the use of free software such as Pure-Data. He has released tracks under the Nexsound, Sirr, and/OAR and Gruenrekorder labels, and has co-initiated several internet projects for field recording and collaborative soundscapes including Soundtransit.nl

FLOSS Manuals is a community of free documentation writers creating
quality material about how to use free and open source software. Anyone
can contribute via the wiki (http://www.flossmanuals.net/write) or read
manuals (http://en.flossmanuals.net/read) online or indexed PDF.

There is also a remix facility so you can make your own manuals
FLOSS Manuals is a not-for-profit foundation based in Amsterdam with many contributors internationally.

Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst

Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam
T 020 6237101
F 020 6244423
www.montevideo.nl.n <http://www.montevideo.nl.nl/>l <http://www.montevideo.nl.nl/>

_*Komende tentoonstelling*_

*Video Vortex.2**
*8/12/2007 – 3/2/2008

*Video Vortex.2* is een vervolg op de tentoonstelling Video Vortex waarin gereageerd werd op het Web2.0 fenomeen. Opening vrijdag 7 december vanaf 17.00 uur. Om 18.15 presentatie/performance van Contant Dullaart: /Video Response
Gesloten van 23 december 2007 t/m 7 januari 2008. /

Video Vortex.2* is a sequel to the Video Vortex exhibition that responded to the Web2.0 phenomenon. Opening Friday December 7 with presentation/performance Contact Dullaart: /Video Response
//Closed December 23, 2007 through January 7, 2008./

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