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[Nettime-nl] NextNature en het CDA (of all people)
Richard Reekers on Sat, 12 Jan 2008 16:22:12 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] NextNature en het CDA (of all people)

Hee Nettimers en Duurzamen,

Voor jullie de eerste nieuwsbrief van een opmerkelijke club:

Hierin jullie speciale aandacht voor de inzending van ons eigenste CDA om
een buitendijkse polder in de vorm van een tulp uit te baggeren.

Waren zij dat sowieso oorspronkelijk of hebben zij dat (in naam van god;)


Richard Reekers

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From: NextNature.net
To: r.reekers {AT} chello.nl
Sent: Saturday, January 12, 2008 7:15 AM
Subject: Next Nature Newsletter - January 2008

Hello Richard Reekers,

Welcome to the very first Next Nature newsletter, containing our most
peculiar explorations and announcements. This newsletter is connected to
the website www.nextnature.net which explores our changing relation with
nature and the implications of the up-and-coming next nature on our
everyday lives.

You recieve this low-volume newsletter because you told us you wanted to
or because a friend of you told us, or a friend of a friend who you don't
know... In case you feel you recieve this in error please send a message
titled 'unsubscribe' to newsletter {AT} nextnature.net.


- Call for Proposals: Designing for Next Nature
- Blog Highlights
- Biggest Visual Power Show moves to Los Angeles
- Call for Powershow Sponsors


Nowadays, children know more corporate logo?s and brands than bird or tree
species. The average Western person has more worries about the instability
of financial markets and mortgage interest deductions than about
hurricanes or floods.

We are living in a time in which the ?made? and the ?born? are fusing.
Hypoallergenic cats are already on the market. Plants are used as sensors,
information displays and chemical factories. Animals are being augmented
and branded. Plastic surgeons sculpt flesh to match retouched photographs
in glossy magazines. In response to donar organ shortages, researchers are
working on a 3D organ printer.

Real nature is not green. It is out of control. Our technological world
has become so intricate and uncontrollable that it has become a nature of
its own. Games have become jobs. Second life is not sustainable. Digital
world metaphors boomerang into our physical environment. Wine making has
become an information science. Everyday robots give massages and take care
of the children. RFID chips open doors, they might be infected, but
nonetheless are edible.

How should we relate to these developments? How will we design? How will
we build? How do we relate to our environment? How can we create humane
technology? We call upon designers, artists, visionaries, film makers and
other creative people to submit their visions, statements and ideas on how
we will live in next nature.

A special jury will select the best proposals to be presented at the
Biggest Visual Power Show in Los Angeles this Spring 2008. Submission
deadline: 8 march.


Tulip Islands ? Design a Polder

A proposal to gain 600.000 m2 of land near the Dutch coast recently came
from the CDA (Dutch Christian?Democratic political party). The idea is to
create a tulip?shaped island that will provide agricultural space, clean
energy, a new national airport and protect the current coastline all at

IVY Hard disk cover evolves with your data

When you purchase IVY, it appears to be a normal hard disk, but when you
start using it by storing data, it will alter its skin visualizing the
content of the hard disk. Instead of buying a custom cover design to
personalize the industrially manufactured device, the hard disk casing
will automatically change along with your content on the disk.

Mushrooms come from Trucks

Where do mushrooms come from? Most people think from the forest after a
good rain if we?re talking about wild mushrooms, or from manure piles in
some deep dark cave if we?re talking about cultivated ones. But mushrooms
could come from trucks, and not in the sense that they are delivered by
them, but actually be grown on board on the way to the supermarket.

Modernistic Vaginas

The influence of modernism and its trend of thought that affirms the power
of human beings to create, improve, and reshape the world, along with its
clear universal style of squares and straight lines, can hardly be
underestimated. Think modern furniture, airports, Ipods and city plans.
Nonetheless, we wonder if the modernistic painter Piet Mondriaan could
have imagined designer vaginas.

Playing Dreams

Jayne Gackenbach, a professor of psychology and sociology at Grant MacEwan
College, Canada has completed research which claims that video games alter
the way the brain works. Gackenbach found that frequent video game players
have more ?lucid dreams? (in which the dreamer is aware that they are
dreaming) than non-gamers.

The Tissue Engineered Meat of Tomorrow

The meat in the supermarket is abstract, square and habitually made from
wickedly manufactured animals. A friend once told me he only eats meat if
he ?can not recognize the animal in it?. A disturbing remark, but this
?consumers preference? may also bring opportunities: disengage the animal
from the meat.

Friending, Ancient or Otherwise

The growing popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace
and Second Life has thrust many of us into a new world where we make
?friends? with people we barely know, scrawl messages on each other?s
walls and project our identities using totem-like visual symbols. We?re
making up the rules as we go. But is this world as new as it seems?


The Biggest Visual Power Show is an intellectual show that blends between
a conference and a pop concert. The show represents a field of mixed
cultural disciplines presenting visionary statements, radical ideas and
powerful imagery. After the sold-out editions in 2003, 2005 and 2006 in
the Netherlands and Germany on Next Nature, the event now moves to Los
Angeles. The date and location are almost fixed down now and will be
announced in the next edition of the newsletter.

The video compilation of the Biggest Visual Power Show 2006 in Germany can
still be viewed online: http://www.nextnature.net/?p=877


The Biggest Visual Power Show on Next Nature offers a marketing
opportunity for public and private sector organizations who are interested
in extending their visibility world wide through the web and specifically
in Southern California.

Don?t want to receive this newsletter in the future? send a message titled
'unsubscribe' to newsletter {AT} nextnature.net or surf to

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