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During Video Vortex.2 the Netherlands Media Art Institute reveals a new identity
as an experimental place presenting projects which demand public participation,
or: do it yourself, with others! In addition to showing installations that
already exist, various workshops and presentations will be given in the
WORKSPACE, especially set up for that purpose. Each week a different
organization takes charge of the WORKSPACE, with projects in which you can join
in and take part, from free software to mobile telephone, video, napster and
vlogging workshops.

Video Vortex.2 exhibition is on show untill February 3th

Video Vortex Conference: Responses to YouTube
Date: January 18-19 2008
Location: PostCS11, Amsterdam http://www.ilove11.nl
Registration: http://www.networkcultures.org/videovortex
Organized by the Institute of Network Cultures

17 January
Workshop By Seth Keen, Keith Deverell, Jay Dedman and Ryanne Hodson
Videodefunct and Showinabox: Hitting vlogging with a hammer

A workshop presented in two parts that looks at vlogging. The Videodefunct
collective focus on poetic approaches towards the way video is presented and
curated by inverting the blog interface. Showinthebox aim to improve vlogging
accessibility and aesthetic control with a user-friendly toolkit. Both projects
use the open source blogging application WordPress and question whether vlogs
need to move beyond the constraints of blogs.

1200 ? 1400 Videodefunct (Seth Keen and Keith Deverell)
1400 ? 1600 Showinthebox (Jay Dedman & Ryanne Hodson)
1600 ? 1700 Vlogging panel discussion

Free, limited placement (10 maximum) Still some places available!
Booking: malka {AT} nimk.nl

Please bring your own laptop to the workshop!

22 - 26 January
Workshop by govcom.org
Space for People: Suggested Fields

Do you fill in the defaults only? What does your form-filling say about you, or
what it could be made to tell, if measured in great detail? Database
philosophers were once deeply concerned about how field character limits ? the
number of letters that would fit on each line in the electronic form ? would
impoverish the self, just like bureaucracy turned people into numbers. People
could not describe themselves in such short, mandatory lines. Now there are
suggested fields, longer character limits, and free text spaces, with prospects
for a more expansive self! The database has more memory. ?Other,? that last
heading available on the form, standing for anomaly, has become ?add your own
tag,? helpfully offering a moment of self-definition. The database is warmer,
reaching out, asking for more of you.

The govcomgroup will be working in the workspace, and visitors of the exhibition
are welcome to join the group, ask questions, discuss and contribute!

Govcom.org is an Amsterdam-based Foundation dedicated to developing and hosting
info-political tools for the Web, and is supported by users of the Issue
Crawler. The Digital Methods Initiative, supported by the Mondriaan
Interregeling, is concerned with the techniques of study that are sensitive to
the specificities of the new medium. The director of the projects is Richard
Rogers. Sabine Niederer and Esther Weltevrede manage the Digital Methods
Initiative, and Anne Helmond and Kim de Groot are the analyst-designers,
together with Michael Stevenson. Erik Borra is programmer, also for Govcom.org.
Marieke van Dijk is Govcom.org designer.

More information:

2 February
Workshop by Furtherfield.org
SWAMP Splash about in the deluge of information rising up through the

12.00 ? 15.00 h.

Marc Garrett and Ruth Catlow from Furtherfield.org will demo VisitorsStudio and
introduce participants to its (easy-to-use) tool-set and features.

Using your own files (bring jpg, mp3, swf, flv under 200k) or harvesting files
from the net, you can work with others to create and distribute mixes and
remixes.  The day will end with a live online performance by all participants.

Free, booking: malka {AT} nimk.nl
Participants will need: laptops with browser, wireless capability

VisitorsStudio (Furtherfield.org 2003-) is an networked, many to many, real-time
art project created and distributed live in real-time across the Internet.
Participants link together at the same time and mix and remix audio-visual
files. The VisitorsStudio artware is also an always-on, open, social space. As
they work together, live conversations between participants (identified by their
moving cursor arrows) become a part of the performance- along with comments and
heckling from the audience.

Through VisitorsStudio Furtherfield.org explores the ongoing expressive and
communicative processes of human beings collaborating in new ways in this
context, as active agents in the production of the cultural landscape.

Furtherfield.org utilizes networked media to create, explore, nurture and
promote the art that happens when connections are made and knowledge is
shared―across the boundaries of established art-world institutions and
their markets, community-focused artistic and activist projects and communities
of socially-engaged software developers. This is a spectrum that engages from
the maverick media-art-makers and small collectives of cross-specialist
practitioners, to projects that critique and change dominant hierarchical
structures as part of their art process. Furtherfield.org is a London-based
artist-led organisation founded in 1996.

The proliferation of commercial but free digital sharing activities associated
with Web2.0, subjects the contemporary networked human-being to a deluge of
information and expressive culture from all directions, not just from on high
(through authorized channels for information, news and culture) but also rising
up through vernacular.

Links Furtherfield.org http://www.furtherfield.org/
Furtherfield.org projects http://www.furtherfield.org/furtherprojects.php
VisitorsStudio http://www.visitorsstudio.org/
DissensionConvention http://www.furtherfield.org/dissensionconvention/
Short Movie http://www.furtherfield.org/5+5=5/visitorsstudio.mov

Video Vortex is an initiative by the Institute of Network Cultures, in
collaboration with Argos Brussels and the Netherlands Media Arts Institute.
Thanks to: David Garcia (advisor), VSBfonds, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst,
Powered by Beamsystems

Netherlands Media Art Institute
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam
T 020 6237101
info {AT} nimk.nl

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