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geert on Wed, 23 Jan 2008 15:05:11 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] [Mercurio] Radio Oltranzista {AT} Weerwoord festival 2008 (Modified by Geert Lovink)

Hello People!

This email is to bring  to your knowledge that this week, at Friday the
25th of January, we will start a live radio transmission from De Balie,
cultural center in Amsterdam.

The transmission, called Radio
Oltranzista, is embedded  in the Weerword festival, a 7
days literary festival that will encompass for a week the whole
activity of Leidseplein cultural poles. Theater, Literature, Poetry,
Music, Cinema... A huge section of which will be echoed everyday
inside our programs from 17:00 to 20:00.

Take your time to see the program of the whole festival at www.weerwordfestival.nl

Radio will be available in FM in central Amsterdam, on 105.6 FM, via
stream, up on http://radio.dyne.org:8000/oltranzista.mp3
and in
archived format via our website,  www.radioltranzista.net

All our programming from the studio in de Balie is free entrance  from
17:00 to 24:00.
And you  can call in transmission with phone/skype/sms/ to intervene
into the flow of the discussions and ask questions to our  guests.

Every live transmission will be cheered up by the presence of the
Oltranzist Orchestra, a moving, fluid, improvisational unity of
splinters, clustered around Fausto Casara and Hansko Visser.

Here are some highlights of our program for the 7 days of live broadcast and for the automatic night shows, that we hope are going to catch your curiosity. You will find a complete updated program on our web site (www.radioltranzista.net)

25 -- Friday
Opening of Festival (De Balie Salon) with Ivo Van Hove and Marc

20:30 De futuristen komen !!! a taste of Italian Futurist Poetry cured
by unorosso

22:00 SaltPeter

26 -- Saturday

Is our first "full on day", so we have a lot in the program...

11:00 We open the dances with August Black's Oltranzista Morning
Workout program. A fresh wind from California...

Follows an interview and some music with two different kind of
approaches, the crystalline classical guitar of Giuliano Nistri and
Vanilla Riot
  to be sure that all are awaken
from 14:00 on Oltranzista Lounge, today will feature "Poliphake and
That Horrible Noise" sound-like Übernerds.
Radio Weerwoord from 17:00 has Christine Van Otten as guest and at

20:00 we will transmit live from the Kleine Zaal of the Theater
Bellevue "Roos van jou mond", a concert composed and performed by Niki
Romijn singing in tribute the South African poems of Ingrid Jonker.

27 -- Sunday

We start as usual with August Black's workout program, then at


Our guests will be Marco Pasi, professor at UvA, expert in XIX century
esoterica and Helder Granja a Portugese writer. We will talk about
Pessoa, disquietness and Alistar Crowley fantastic voyages. We will go
on to see were it will bring us.

14:00 Eroticism opens our lounge program, hosted together with Jerneja
Rabernak. Our guests will range from Marije Jansen, an expert of
sociology of netporn, to Carolina Cutolo, a blogger that became a
writer riding the subject of porno-romanticism and Maartje Seifert, an
independent filmaker.
Our musical guest will be Davide Swarup in the
opening and Beppe Costa later on the afternoon...
we will broadcast
the "Slechte Seks Prijs "; who wrote in 2007 the worst
sex scene published in Dutch literature?

Tsaeb Brunja, and so poems, will guide us in the evening program to a
closing poetic/musica/sonore end...

28 -- Monday

Not to mention the usual appointment with the morning workout, we will
have Ira Judkovskaya, theater director and Russian born communist, to
chat about XX century Russian poetry and its sound in the original
language off course.
In the evening, after a rich Weerwoord program, we will
broadcast Dichter Voor Elvis from Paradiso, followed by Isabelle
Bats our guest with French spoken poetry and sounds.
Closing within
us, with our orchestra..

29 -- Tuesday

Today our Radio Broodje will be with Henry Alles an artist from the
North, busy with botanical gardens, bio-diversity theater, and the
slow tides of synchronicity...

Will folow our musical guest, Lukas
Symonis to start the afternoon lounge that as a theme will explore
"who comes after the gypsies". The evening program will see again
Isabelle Bats, the poet Tijtske Jansen and we will close the day with
the sound of Plan Kruutntoone and some music from their album "Yoors";
inherited memories of a adopted gipsy in times of war.

30 -- Wednesday

All fit with August and then a "Panino" or better a "pizza romana"
with Remo Remotti, poet, writer, actor, sculptor and testimony of 60
years of underground and overground culture in Italy.
In the afternoon
we will exchange visit with El Mahdi Acherchour Poet and "homme de
As the evening approaches the Weerwoord lineup hosts Gerrit
Komrij, then we will broadcast from the Gedichter Bal.
Remo's poetry
show that is so hard to predict and Stijn Vranken will get you to a
final jam of radio-activity.

31 -- Thursday

Being the last day of the festival and also our last day we keep it
fluid, at least as fluid as usual. From the Bellevue Grote Zaal we
will broadcast live "De Dunne Komrij" and close the day with Remo
Remotti and the Radio Oltranzista All-Stars.

Our lineup will be full of surprises, but I still have to mention that
the improvised propaganda devices will be triggered by the will-on-the-
trigger of Sagi Grooner and the night program is curated by Evan Odd
in a sparkling way.

We will be glad to see you with us and to feel your presence behind
the many radios and the many computers that can be set to listen our

We will also treasure any sound or vibration you might send us in
good faith and sharing spirit.

You can do so by:

mail radio oltranzista c/o De Balie

Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10

1017 RR

skype: radioltranzista

email: live {AT} radioltranzista.net

irc: irc.freenode.net #oltranzista

This project has been possible because thanks to: Amsterdam Fonds for de Kunst

Thanks to: dyne.org, de balie, moskito film, eurosound

best to all


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