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[Nettime-nl] Rotterdam in Chicago
Niels Post on Tue, 15 Apr 2008 17:23:01 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Rotterdam in Chicago


This week I will leave for Chicago to take part in the Version 08 festival in Chicago. Daily updates on my Chicago adventures can be followed on http://trendbeheer.com/index.php?s=version+08

On April 19 & 20 I will be at the NFO XPO art fair in the 'Trendbeheer presenteert'  booth. We will present 6 Rotterdam based artist; Jeroen Jongeleen, Jan de Bruin, Alex Jacobs, Jeroen Kuster, Jeroen Bosch and Niels Post.

On April 20 me and Jeroen Kuster will also present a special screening of the Rotterdam VHS Festival:  Show starts: 21:15 Where: Viaduct Theater, 3111 N. Western, Chicago

Participating artists: 

B.A.M.B.I./ Cassandra Tytler/ Anja Masling/ Thomas Schats/ Ate M Hes/ Erik Olofsen/ Sascha Engel/ Maxim Tymenko/ Flimfilm/ Han Hoogerbrugge/ FCKN BSTRDS/ Jeroen Kuster/ Ellen Lake/ Egill Saebjornsson/ Rik de Boe/ Winkel & Koperl/ Leon Duenk/ Mendel Hardeman/ Johannes Maier/ Hope Tucker/ Franzis Wiese/ Niels Post/ Bryan Fu/ Sietske Tjallingi 

We will be in Chicago untill April 28th and I hope to see you all at some point.

Niels Post. 
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